JUNE Releases Descent Onto the Wasteland!

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June gives us more Salt Nomads and Slavers, with a touch of CORE!



Slavers of Chains Barrow: The Unbound (3) $19.99

Slavers of Chains Barrow: The Frenzied (2) $14.99

Salt Flat Nomads: The Dishonored $12.99

Salt Flat Nomads: Oathpourer $12.99

CORE: Pathfinder MKII Upgrade Kit $9.99

*Please note Upgrade Kit will be added to all future PATHFINDER boxes.

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May Releases: Enter the Bounty Hunters!

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May brings the release of the BOUNTY HUNTERS to Samaria! From Resculpts to New Releases, get yours now!



Bounty Hunters: Lucky (Resculpt): $12.99

Bounty Hunters: Old Ma: $12.99

Bounty Hunters: Captain Jake Flay: $12.99

Bounty Hunters: Jarl Ramsaur: $14.99

Bounty Hunters: Dedlock: $12.99

Bounty Hunters: John “Clank” Carter: $12.99

Bounty Hunters: Nathaniel + Orchid (Resculpt): $16.99

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Dark Age Store Down for Maintenance

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Players! We’re upgrading the Back-end of the CMON Store, and this may have the unfortunate side-effect of shutting it down sporadically over the next 24 Hours, so if you have any issues or trouble accessing the shop during this time, that is why. We apologize for the inconvenience and will post as soon as work is completed and the store is back to 100% functionality.



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April Releases Bring Madness to the Wasteland!

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We have a plethora of New Releases this month, players! From the ranks of the Prevailers to the Outcasts to even the deadly Blood Cult, April will surely be a month of dying the sands red with the blood of your enemies!



Forsaken(Prevailers): The Repentant(2): $14.99

Skarrd Blood Cult: Blood Abomination: $59.99

Salt Nomads: Caravan Keeper: $12.99

Salt Nomads: Thornwinds(2): $14.99

Outcasts: Brute Pusher: $12.99

Outcasts: Brute #1 $12.99

Outcasts: Brute #2: $12.99

Outcasts: Brute #3: $12.99

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March Brings the Nomads to Dark Age!

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Dark Age: Outcasts + Limited Edition Skars Model: $39.99

Dark Age: Outcasts Card Pack 2015: $9.99

Salt Nomads: Bendahrin Durshe: $12.99

Salt Nomads: Moonless Night: $12.99

Salt Nomads: Tribal Warriors(3): $19.99

Salt Nomads: Hand of War(2): $14.99

Salt Nomads: Berserker: $12.99

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Battle Report: CORE vs. Salt Nomads!

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Outcasts and Bounty Hunters Updated!

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Because it was Valentine’s Day this weekend, and we here at Dark Age love you, we’ve gone ahead and uploaded all the new cards from Dark Age: Outcasts, as well as the new Outcast Faction Document.


Officially, these changes won’t happen until the book is released next month, but feel free to start using them now and have fun!

Outcast 2015 Faction Document

Generic Outcast Cards

Slavers of Chain’s Barrow Cards

Salt Flat Nomads Cards

Bounty Hunter Cards

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So, you can’t make it to Templecon, but man, those Salt Nomad Previews look amazing, don’t they?

Well I’ve got some good news for you! From Thursday, February 5th to Sunday, February 8th ALL SALT NOMAD PRE-RELEASE ITEMS will be available via the Dark Age Store!

So now’s your chance to get these items before anyone else! Of course, these items will be released into retail over the next sixth months, but you can get them here now!

Here is the full list:


Book: Dark Age: Outcasts: $39.99
Outcasts 2015 Card Pack $9.99

Outcasts (Salt Nomads) Bendahrin Durshe(1): $12.99
Outcasts (Salt Nomads) Moonless Night(1): $12.99
Outcasts (Salt Nomads) Oathpourer(1): $12.99
Outcasts (Salt Nomads) The Dishonored(1): $12.99
Outcasts (Salt Nomads) Berserker(1): $12.99
Outcasts (Salt Nomads) Caravan K...

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TempleCon Pre-Release List

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Players! We’re ready to show you our full list of products that will be available for Pre-Sale at TempleCon!



Book: Dark Age: Outcasts: $39.99
Outcasts 2015 Card Pack $9.99

Skarrd Blood Abomination(1): $59.99
Skarrd Juggernaut(1): $59.99

Forsaken (Prevailers) Sight of the Prevailers(1): $12.99
Forsaken (Prevailers) Skylancers(3): $19.99
Forsaken (Saint Mark) Saint Mark, Harbinger of Judgment(1) $59.99
Forsaken Militia(3): $19.99
Forsaken Flock(3): $19.99
Forsaken Shepherd(1): $12.99
Forsaken Coil Diskmaster(1): $12.99

Outcasts (Salt Nomads) Bendahrin Durshe(1): $12.99
Outcasts (Salt Nomads) Moonless Night(1): $12.99
Outcasts (Salt Nomads) Oathpourer(1): $12.99
Outcasts (Salt Nomads) The Dishonored(1): $12.99
Outcasts (Salt Nomads) Berserker(1): $12.99

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TempleCon 2015 Reveal

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TempleCon 2015 is upon us, players… and with that it’s time to reveal our newest addition to Dark Age…

We are proud to announce that at TempleCon 2015 the world will see its first glimpse of DARK AGE: OUTCASTS!

Nomad caravan walk jpg

+Full Army Book: DA: Outcasts contains everything involving outcasts- Generic, Slavers, the new Salt Flat Nomads subfaction, and the Bounty Hunters.

+Revamped Rules: Every unit has been overhauled and re-balanced or re-invented to a new tactical use. All Sub-Factions have been reworked to offer more flavor and strategy.

+Revamped Sculpts: Many older models have been re-sculpted to be brought in line with our newer releases.

+200+ pages of narrative, continuing the story from Fanaticism and showing the development of the world and its characters.

+A host of ...

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