The Brood Has Evolved

August 10, 2018 Cards  No comments

Hello Samarians!

Since late 2017, Bryan had mentioned that the plan was to have a Brood faction book out for public consumption hopefully at GenCon 2018. Well, as you might have heard, that amazing convention has just passed and the Brood Book had not materialized. Over the last year or so however, the team were diligent in getting the various units that were going to appear in that book created, playtested, and all “stat carded” up nonetheless. After discussing it with his superiors, Bryan got the go ahead to at least make sure that all of you patient and amazing fans of Dark Age can see these units in all their glory and start using them right away – even if you don’t have the Brood book or the official models for them! Our goal at CMON is to give the fans and players awesome games to play and the tools to create untold hours of fun; so dropping this full set of digital Brood Cards for you is our way of thanking you for playing, and a quick nod to everyone that was waiting for GenCon for these bad boys to exist in our savage world.

Let’s take a look at the big change…

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New Kukulkani Digital Unit Assets!

July 11, 2018 Cards  No comments

Something strange and wonderful has been lurking within the collapsed sections of the Kukulkani starcraft, and while everyone at CMON is getting ready for one of the biggest conventions of the year (GenCon), we wanted to give you some more of the digital card assets we have designed for you to make use of in your own games and events around the world!

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Aren and His Playthings Unit Box Now Available

June 29, 2018 New Releases  No comments

Summer is here and it’s hot outside. No better time to head indoors and get some gaming in. For those Dark Age players out there, we’ve got a new box set available for you. Created in part with help from the 2017 Immortals winner, Aaron Bohm, we are pleased to bring you Aren and His Playthings.

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New Dark Age Unit Cards!

May 21, 2018 Cards  No comments

Hey Samarians! With Immortals 2017 and the 2017 UK National Championships behind us, not to mention a brand new Immortal boxed set heading to the webstore VERY soon… we at Dark Age think it is a great time to show off a few things that we have been sitting on for a little while – new Units! While these cards are solely in the digital format at this time (similar to the new Unit Cards we released for the Forsaken and Bounty Hunters), and so many excellent fan-run events being announced on the fan Facebook pages, we know that you guys will be excited to start using these Units on your battles as soon as possible!

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April 2018 Releases Now Available

April 27, 2018 New Releases  No comments

It’s been a rather wet April, but that just means May flowers will be blooming. While it doesn’t rain on Samaria all that often, they’re not unknown to have sudden downpours, and in April, we’ve got a shower of new Dark Age releases for you.

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FAQ Updates

April 13, 2018 Uncategorized  No comments

Hey Samarians!

With the surface still rippling from us dropping the new cards and card changes into the pool, so to speak, we wanted to go ahead and make sure that we also released a few new notes into the Errata and FAQ for Dark Age. Please head over to the website and check out any changes that might apply to you or your future games!

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March Releases Now Available

March 16, 2018 New Releases  No comments

We’ve got a whole new batch of Dark Age releases for you today. Skarrd continue with their horde of releases worming their way to the table, but Brood’s not letting them have all the fun. Let’s dive into what new box sets are hitting store shelves.

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Kukulkani Cards and Faction Errata Update

February 21, 2018 Cards  No comments

Hello Samarians!
Just in time for the kickoff of our US convention tour with Dark Age, there are a handful of stat card changes found in our Faction Downloads section for the cards of the Kukulkani faction. A quick look at the cards will surely show the changes we have made, we want to make it as easy as possible for you fans and players to print the cards that have been changed.

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February Releases Now Available

February 16, 2018 New Releases  No comments

While February tends to mean that love is in the air, on the world of Samaria, people aren’t trading Valentine’s. They’re trading bullets and sword slashes. However, we’re here to give you some love, in the form of this month’s releases for Dark Age. There are two new big boxes, one for Outcast and another for Skarrd. But that’s not all we’ve got for you.

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Outcasts Update

February 14, 2018 Cards  No comments

Hello Samarians!

With the release of the new 2018 Outcasts Faction Deck coming out this Friday, and with the much-awaited Adepticon tournaments approaching in just over a month, we wanted to make sure that everyone was fully armed with all the information they need to make the purchases they might need to get ready for the big day. So, it is time to go take a look at the new Outcast Faction Web Document and the new stat cards for the new and improved Outcast Faction!

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