Community Feature – Rich Blondel’s CORE

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There has been a great resurgence in activity in the Dark Age community over the last six months or so, and we’ve been seeing quite a lot of wonderful models being painted by hobbyists around the world! One such hobbyist is Richard Blondel from France. He has painted some fantastic stuff, and we’ll be sure to share more of it in the future. But for now, it’s over to Rich:


“Here is my CORE army, there is actually 1000 PTS (I use a Menial Bot as Spartan Menial). I wanted a “tabletop+” paint level for my miniatures, so that I could get playing quickly, because my friends and I have a rule where we only play with fully painted models.

I primed all the models in white and used Games Workshop paints. I’ll quickly explain how I painted each unit of my CORE army.


Menial Bot:

These one was re...

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Wrap Up! – the Kukulkani Kaachika Feature

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We recently ran a series on our Dark Age Facebook page, focused on one of the new Kukulkani units, the deadly and lithe Kaachika. Rather than letting all that fade away, We figured you’d like to see it live here on the website in some sort of digest form.

Welcome to Wrap Up!

On the Monday we showed off the concept art for the Kaachika, very cool stuff indeed.

On the Tuesday we gave you the story behind the Kaachika, “reprinted” here.

The Kaachika are warriors who have set aside their war clubs to join the Moon Goddess openly. Now that Ixchel and the Cult of the Moon are on the rise, a number of Kukulkan’s warriors have grown in confidence, and have stepped away from Quetzol’s crusade to join the Great Mother...

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Ever heard of the Moffit 1,000-Point Challenge?

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We are very lucky to have a great community of Dark Age hobbyists. People who are dedicated to the game and the story and the miniatures, and who love to show the game to everyone they meet. Some of our veteran hobbyists are willing to take that enthusiasm a step further, and one of them is even willing to drive across half the continental United States to challenge someone to a game.

David Moffit has been playing Dark Age for a very long time, so long he thinks he remembers a time before the Abandonment. Moffit loves Dark Age so much he regularly plays larger than usual games, busting out up to 4,000 points a side! Well, last summer he started a little campaign, in an effort to get to meet Dark Age enthusiasts across the country...

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Paint Spl’attyr – Forsaken

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Paint Spl’Attyr is an irregular series of articles designed to help you get your Dark Age
miniatures painted quickly and well, boosting the look of your forces on the tabletop.

Forsaken – Bane – by Dave Taylor


The backbone of the Forsaken military forces are the Banes. As the most numerous troops, I figured this would be a great place to start. The black cloak and clothing can also be found on several models across the Forsaken range, like the Ravages and St. John’s Faithful. This approach can even be helpful for troops like Coils, Firestorms, and St. Mark’s Shades.

Throughout this article we’ll refer to various paint colors from both the Vallejo and Army Painter ranges. These are typically available from your FLGS, or through our webstore...

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Paint Spl’Attyr – Ice Caste Dragyri

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Paint Spl’Attyr is an irregular series of articles designed to help you get your Dark Age
miniatures painted quickly and well, boosting the look of your forces on the tabletop.

Ice Caste Dragyri – Frostbite – painted by Dave Taylor

For this model I decided to break a little from the excellent studio miniature color scheme and present a brighter, more polished metal accented with the crisp blues. But the first stage was to paint the large expanses of Dragyri flesh.


To help understand where the highlights and shadows would fall on the model, I first primed it all over with a black primer. Once that was dry, I sprayed the model with a white primer from a raised angle (about 30 degrees) to create shaded areas on the model.

Throughout this article we’ll refer to various paint colors fr...

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March to Immortality 2016

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We are proud to announce the Official Launch of our March to Immortality 2016 Tournament Document!

Revamped for the 2016-2017 season, the document features the following (and much much more!):

Full rules on running Dark Age MTI Event

  • Complete guide-lines on Sportsmanship, Army Creation, Tournament Preparation and more.

NEW “Reinforcements” rules- bolster your tournament lists with additional options!

  • New rules allowing players to prepare for events by creating a “Reinforcements List”- giving them the tactical flexibility to modify their warband between games.

NEW streamlined scoring and points method to keep your event organized!

  • Its a fierce battle to the top, and each player should always know exactly where they stand and what they need to become king of the wasteland

NEW sc...

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Presenting, Dark Age Chronicles: Forsaken

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Presenting Dark Age Chronicles: Forsaken, a series of story-based scenarios reenacting events from Samaria’s past.  This chapter focuses on the Forsaken and key battles and events across their timeline, ranging from the first meeting between the Dragyri to recent conflicts with the C.O.R.E. and Kukulkani. Each scenario features a unique mission for each side involved as well as special new Characters for use in the campaign!

Live the battles, experience the past! Dark Age Chronicles: Forsaken!

Free to Download in the link below:



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FAQs Posted

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We’ve added a General Rules FAQ and a Faction FAQ documents to the Downloads section (Under Rules & FAQ!)

Check them out at the links below:


General FAQ:

Faction FAQ:


Please note that, in the event of a ruling above contradicting a previously given ruling, the above will take precedence.

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GENCON 2015 Pre-Release List!

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So, want to see everything we’re going to have available at GenCon 2015? Well here you go!

Now, some other news as well… For those unfortunate who cannot make it to the show, some of our Pre-Release items WILL BE AVAILABLE IN OUR ONLINE STORE during the Convention-very limited quantities.

Dark Age: Forsaken $39.99
Dark Age: Forsaken Card Pack $14.99


Saint Isaac $12.99
Centipede(2) $16.99
Ajax $29.99
Prometheus $29.99
Controller(3) $19.99
Captain Cora $12.99

ajax issac centipede prometheus

Saint Mary $12.99
Saint Mary (Mounted) $59.99
Judah $12.99
Clergy Ann $14.99

mountedmary mary judah clergy anflenses

Saint Mark $12.99
Saint Mark (Mounted) $59.99
Shades(2) $14.99


Saint John $12.99
Saint John (Mounted) $59.99
Paladins of John(2) $16.99

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Players! GenCon 2015 is soon upon us, and that means it is once again time for the yearly IMMORTALS TOURNAMENT.

For those unaware, the Immortals is the culmination of all our tournaments and events held throughout the year, known as the March to Immortality.

Each year our grand tournament is held at Gencon, with the winner walking away with a model made in their likeness (or of their own design).

Previous years winners include:

CHRIS “HOJ” HOJNOWSKI (Hoj, Warlord of Samaria + Esh, the Angel of Judgment. Miniatures based on himself and father)
-TWO TIME winner
-Favored Faction: Outcasts (Hell, he invented them!)
-Strengths: Tactical Mastermind + Hypnotic Prowess
-Weaknesses: NONE!


(Jon Woe, Herald of the Heretic and ANG-1E. Miniatures based on himself and wife)

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