Loot and Fortune!

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“Whatever it is, Cap’n,” Roan swiveled his chair away from the navigator’s console and gestured to the holo-image floating above his station, “it’s huge.”

“Give me a full wake scan,” Captain Jake Flay nodded to the twins, Karol and Schoeller, sitting nearby at the electronics pillar in the center of the bridge. “What is that big, bad beastie?”

“Aye,” they answered in unison.

“Three parsecs from portside, come about rimward,” Suzy Belle, first mate of the Long Haul and frequent paramour of the captain himself, ordered. Her eye for piracy was second only to Jake Flay on board this ship, and she could sense a truly big score in the numbers flashing across her datapad as the information fed from the particle sweep of their potential target’s engine wash...

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We are proud to present the September Releases for Dark Age!

First of all we have the wonderful new character for the Kukulkani – Ixchel, The Nocturnal Mother. Ixchel is the rightful leader of the Samarian crusade, but her position was usurped by quetzal when the Cult of the Moon Goddess were trapped in the ziggurat after the mysterious destruction of the engines. Ixchel and her followers have released dug their way out of their chambers and she now stands ready to complete the mission of the Kukulkani on Samaria.

You can now purchase Ixchel HERE.


Along with Ixchel, we get to see the Coatlanak, the adolescent forms of the great feathered serpents, the Coatlai! Coatlanaks are subjected to intense behavioral training by the war priests to follow instruction, even in the heated chaos of b...

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It has been quite a long time coming, but we now have a map for the world of Samaria!

We are currently having this map printed in poster form and we’ll be releasing it later this year, but we just couldn’t wait to show you all this excellent rendering of our rich world.

We felt the best way to show it off was to talk with the guys at Beasts of War, and have them do a little bit of lovely animation. Bryan Steele sits down, via Skype, with Justin and talks through the creation of this excellent map and the depth of the world. You can check out their interview in the BOW Weekender, linked via the graphic below.


Our thanks also go to Matt Weaver for all the hard work he put into creating this wonderful addition to the background of Samaria...

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Paint Spl’Attr – Kukulkani

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Paint Spl’Attr is an irregular series of articles designed to help you get your Dark Age miniatures painted quickly and well and boost the look of your forces on the tabletop.



Although they were once instantly recognizable as humans, the Kukulkani have been evolved over the millennia of their service to Kukulkan. Even the lowliest of servants is technomantically augmented in some way, and death in the service of the great Coatl is not always as final as it might seem.

Dave recently painted up this Living Ancestor model, and wanted to focus on the apparently shifting nature of the substances many Kukulkani are imbued with. To that end, he wanted to see the gold of the model’s hands blend into the blue of his arms and so on...

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NEW Kukulkani Releases!

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We recently updated the Stat Cards for the Kukulkani faction, just before the madness of Gencon descended. You can check them out HERE. You can also check out the new August releases for the Kukulkani at the CMON webstore by following the links below!

Kukulkani 2016 Cards
The Doom Seer (1)
The Chosen of Coatlai (2) 
The Kaachika (2)
The Outer Reaches Token pack

dag0812_kukulkani2016cards dag7011_-_kukulkani_-_doomseer dag7006_-_kukulkani_-_chosen_of_coatlai_2_

dag7014_-_kukulkani_-_kaachika_2_ OuterReachesTokens

For those that haven’t checked out our Token Bundles yet, the Outer Reaches set contains 80 laser-cut, acrylic tokens (made by those excellent folks at Warsenal), all the tokens you’ll need for your Kukulkani (and Dragyri, Skarrd, and Brood) forces. The set includes tokens that cover effects and statutes like Bio-Energy, Wound, Stun, and Activated.

To Celebrate the great news!

To celebrate the release ...

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COMMUNITY FEATURE – Rich Blondel’s great terrain!

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Desert and Rocks!

In our very first Community Feature, we took a look at Rich Blondel’s CORE collection. Now Rich is back with a look at some of his Dark Age terrain, and some words on how he built and painted it all.


” Greetings, Samarians.

I am happy to be able to show you all my Dark Age gaming table! I wanted something that looks very natural and would be easy to make, I didn’t want to sink a lot of money in this project either, so I’m presenting a photo tutorial for a cheap board that will look (I hope) realistic.

• I bought two wooden boards, each 4’x2′

• I took some used cork noticeboards and tore them up around the edges. I glued the cork down to the boards, and kept the pieces aligned pretty well with the edges of the board...

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COMMUNITY FEATURE – Studio Fontaine paints Jarl Ramsaur

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Well, actually Mathieu’s students did. This past weekend, students from eastern Canada descended on Trois-Rivières in Québec to learn various painting techniques at the feet of painting master Mathieu Fontaine. We’ve long been fans of Mathieu’s work, so when we heard he was featuring skin in his latest Masterclass, we thought we’d send him a model just right for the purpose – Jarl Ramsaur!



Here are a few examples from his class, still works in progress, but you can certainly get a great idea of the approach from these images.


To see more of Mathieu’s work and find out about his Masterclass events, check out his Facebook page HERE.

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COMMUNITY – A Dark Age Player Finder is underway!

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We are very excited to announce that one of our community champions, Jay Ryan, has been putting together the beta-version of a player finder over the last 24 hours. It currently requires you to submit basic details via a pinned post on the Facebook fan group Dark Age: Samaria Reborn, but as Jay further refines it, that may change.

So, if you are already a member of the Dark Age: Samaria Reborn page, then head on over there and check out the pinned post. If you aren’t, please click on the link HERE, and request to join.

If you aren’t a Facebook kind of person, we ask for your patience. We’ll work towards including you very soon.

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The Kukulkani Update is here!

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We are very excited to present to you the very first of our “Web Updates”! The Kukulkani are the newest of the Dark Age Factions, and also one of the smallest. For a little while now we’ve wanted to update the way that the Kukulkani Bio-Energy mechanic works, but with such a small faction, we didn’t want to wait until we had enough units to fill a lovely printed book.

Instead we’ve decided to provide an update to the cards (which we’ve done before), and give you all a brand new type of document, which we’re calling a Lore Document. This document provides you with the background of the faction, as well as descriptions of all of the units in the faction. We hope to start rolling these out for the rest of the factions over the coming year.

The information that used to be found in the Kukulka...

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Organized Play – Our New OP Kits!

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Earlier in the week, we introduced you to the ‘Bludgelt’, our new “currency” for Dark Age Organized Play. You can check out the post HERE to learn more about it.

In that post we promised to show you more about our Organized Play (or OP) kits. Well, Aaron and the lovely folks at Battle Bin are packing up our OP kits as I type this, and they’ll be delivered to us just after Gencon. Very exciting!


We have two OP Kits for Dark Age – Kit #1 and Kit #2 – so that we can switch up a few things in the kits to add variety to your prizes in-store. Once we know the rate we’ll be going through the OP kits, we’ll be able to better plan more variety, but we think these are starting out pretty well.


In both of the kits you will find:

• One Bludgelt ...

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