10 Things You Only Hear at a Dark Age Table

December 27, 2017 Community  No comments

We were sitting around the playtest table the other day and something that was said that caused everyone to laugh out loud because of the sheer ludicrous nature of the statement… and it made us think. What else do we Dark Age players say off the cuff while playing or discussing Dark Age that would only ever hear if you were standing over a Samarian battlefield?

Think about someone overhearing the following things in a game shop, with no knowledge of what it might mean…
We hope you get a laugh out of them too!

#10 – “Alright. So, with furious, gang up off two dudes, rend, and sadistic… that is eleven times two, twice.”
#9 – “Does he have ED? Man, I hope he doesn’t have ED. I can’t handle him having ED.”
#8 – “I guess I tripped over my own feet and hit myself in the face. I’m *SO* glad I have all my friends there to help me do it, too!”
#7 – “And… my guy is too stupid to put the fire out… again.”
#6 – “Can I still hold an objective if I’m dying?”
#5 – “Please hit this guy so he can explode. I *really* need this guy to explode now.”
#4 – “A Cabrakan at five hundred? Oh… kay… ”
#3 – “Just how many free Puds are *in* that force!?!”
#2 – “That’s a 20. Crit fail. Finishing blow, right? So, that’s going to be three Unstoppables at twelve, eight, then four. No problem!”
#1 – “Sidestep.”
“Hit, again.”

Maybe you recognized a few things here that were said at YOUR tables recently? No matter what, we hope you had a few laughs!
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