A Look at the Haniel Ranger

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“Lock and load, girls and boys. Step where I step. They will never see us coming.”

The life of a Forsaken Haniel is not very forgiving, and often relatively short. Spending days or sometimes weeks hunting the enemy near to their territories puts the Haniels in constant danger, especially those that are ordered to stay active near Skarrd hunting grounds. More than a few Haniels have ended up in the cults’ larders because of a foolish misstep or a brave attempt on a priority target. Only a select gifted number of these deadly scouts venture deep into enemy turf, dodging enemy patrols and picking off stragglers, in order to return to New Ashkelon with invaluable information about wherever they have been. These career scouts are given a military rank and a new title – that of Haniel Ranger.

Haniel Ranger Art

Haniel Rangers are a strange dichotomy. They have lived most of their military life in the wilderness as true survivors. To do so in Samaria is a remarkable feat indeed, and when you combine it with the enemy communities that the Prevailer Council direct the Haniels to scout, they are on borrowed time. Regular Haniels tough it out as best they can, but the odds of survival increase dramatically when they are with one of the esteemed Rangers.

Armed with an E-14 storm pistol, an advanced sidearm that mimics the same kinds of rounds the regular Haniels fire out of their storm rifles, the Rangers must get in close proximity to the enemy. Automated sound and flash suppression systems in the pistol’s muzzle break allow the Haniel Ranger to fire from hiding without giving up their position. With the flick of their thumb, a Ranger chooses between launching ultra-dense armor piercing rounds to shatter the protective layers of a target or sending tumbling shells of mass-reactive plastique into the unsuspecting foes. If all goes well, when a Haniel Ranger engages the enemy they will never know what hit them before it is far too late.

Haniel Ranger 2017 Front

The combat skills of a Haniel Ranger are impressive, but it is not their trigger finger or trained aim that makes them a prime asset. It is their knowledge of enemy behaviors, patrol movements, and threatening terrain. When they move through the wilderness, they can bring a pair of lesser-skilled Haniels along in a scouting triad that can get close enough to an unsuspecting enemy to set up perfect ambushes, disable security efforts, and collect important reconnaissance. Haniel Rangers take both mental and cartographic notes everywhere they go, creating the perfect travel journal for other allies to follow as well. A Forsaken force that has employed a Ranger can be sure to know all the best routes to take, the safe places to sleep, and the next perfect place to get ready to take the enemy by surprise. Any brave soul willing to sneak forward toward enemy territory before an engagement can do so with much less fear of being discovered, should they have a Haniel Ranger to map out the paths to take or avoid.


In light of the recent gathering of Baniss tribals and Skarrd cults under Father Johann’s fearsome war banner, word spread like a chemical fire across a Trent salvage yard. Dozens of actively mapping Haniel Rangers saw the writing on the wall, sometimes literally, and came back to New Ashkelon with worrisome reports of an amassing horde. Coming off the heels of New Asheklon’s back to back sieges – robots from without and dark creatures from within – now more than ever the Prevailers and their forces need intelligence on this new threat. In a war where knowledge is as important as munitions, the Haniel Rangers are being deployed with more frequency and with one standard order above all others: get close, deal a telling blow, and live to report about it afterwards.


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