ADEPTICON – Crazy times!

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AdeptiCon 2017 wrapped up just over a week ago, but it has taken us that long to get our heads back into some semblance of order after such a hectic event! Sooooooo many things going on, and all of them good for Dark Age. Our numbers were up across the board from last year’s event (which was a great one for us too). Path To Glory was on sale for the first time, we sold a lot of our new Faction Starter Sets, and many blister pegs were empty by there end of the show. We also had almost 100 people participate in the various events that we ran, including highlights such as the 17 people involved in one of the Dark Age “Build & Plays”, 16 players for the 750pt MTI Tournament, and 28 PEOPLE in the 500pt MTI Tournament! Many thanks to event organizers John Sawicki and Aaron Behm!

Here are a few photos from the weekend, we hope you enjoy them.


The “Build & Play” with 17 builders/players.



The first appearance of Ghrakun, Herald of Tenacity (of the Earth Caste, on the left) and Jza’mhi, the winner of the Immortals Tournament 2016. More news on these soon.


Quiet time at the booth.


A small sampling of the 28-player, 500pt MTI.


Zach Moore (from Iowa), plays Brandon Landin (from Texas).


Jay Ryan plays an after-hours grudge match against Dave Taylor – Warlord Hoj and his Brutes against St Mark and his Junkers.

IMG_6701 IMG_6706

Action from the 750pt MTI.


And Connor Wenner, winner of the 750pt MTI who will now be coming to CMON Expo for the Immortals!

Thank you, everyone, for all your support over the weekend. We had such an amazing time!


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