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It’s been a rather wet April, but that just means May flowers will be blooming. While it doesn’t rain on Samaria all that often, they’re not unknown to have sudden downpours, and in April, we’ve got a shower of new Dark Age releases for you.

DAG03009-Skarrd-TC- Faction Box 2

Skarrd has a trio of releases, starting with the Toxic Cult Faction box. Pushed beyond the limits through subjecting themselves to every venom, poison, and disease known to Samaria, the Toxic Cult is a literal plague upon the world. Led by the cold and uncaring Father Curwen, this sect within the Skarrd brings their attunement to foul things to the battlefield. Even those who do not fall to a blade’s stroke might eventually succumb to the slightest scratch when dealing with the Toxic Cult!

DAG03007-Skarrd-CoM-Juggernaut 2

Continuing the Skarrd trend is something big, the Juggernaut box. A truly monstrous creation, refined by the scalpels and wrenches of Father Johann himself and now copied by those Grafters who have pledged themselves to Metamorphosis. The massive scythes and powerful fists deliver flurries of brutal blows as they close in to combat against their foes. Should a juicy target present itself, the Juggernaut can pull them closer with its dangerous harpoon gun.

DAG03022-Skarrd-Unaligned-Buzzblade Unit Box_2

Finishing up the Skarrd releases for April is the new Buzzblade box. Forming the bulk of the Skarrd tribes (quite often literally the bulk), Buzzblades are at the center of every action taken against the rest of the population of Samaria. From a tactical sense, the Fathers may use the Buzzblades as fodder in battle, but it is their twisted and screaming faces, their dangerously swollen physiques, their wickedly sharp weapons, and their seemingly endless numbers that keep thousands of Outcast and Forsaken on the frontiers awake at night.


Skarrd’s not the only faction with new figures, though. Check out the Numbskull box for Brood. One of the Swarm’s towering giants of flesh, chitin, and bone, the Numbskulls are titanic siege weapons designed to charge forward into the enemy and pulverize them flat. Its thick armor serves as the impact points for its attacks, as well as its ability to shrug off most damage. But even if it does get injured, it always makes sure to have some nearby Brood to snack upon and heal its wounds!


And rounding things off for the month is the Outcast Brute Reinforcement box. Brutes have been a big part of the Outcast frontier for centuries, and they come from various walks of life. Whether they choose to heft a slab of stone to smash their foes or collect straight pieces of rebar to hurl at them, they are brutal warriors. Even their demolitions specialists, the Wreckers, find a way to wield the unforgiving tools of their trade as a weapon.

The rain may eventually go away, but these Dark Age releases are here to stay.

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