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November 18, 2016 New Releases  No comments

Last month’s releases were quite successful – so much so we ran out of Shadow Caste Faction Starter boxes, more are coming, as soon as we receive the Spiderlings! Now, on to some more wonderful Dragyri releases. This month we have some new models for the Shadow Caste and some resculpts for the Ice Caste, Air Caste, and Fire Caste (the Sling Slaves can be used by all three).

Here’s a rundown of the releases (click on the names to take you right through to the webstore):


DAG2409   Shadow Caste Umbra Shadow Elemental  (1)

Summoned from the very depths of terror itself, the smoky shadow that is the Umbra is brought forth to spread fear and discord in enemy ranks. Towering above all but a handful of enemies it will face, the Umbra uses its nightmare aura to cause panic in their forces, a panic that slows down reaction timing and causes even enemy heroes and leaders to stutter and stall in their attacks. Beware the shadows, for they are dark and full of terrors.

  • Highly detailed resin miniature – this brand new model is a masterpiece, rendering elegant smoke clouds and brutal menace into miniature form.
  • This Umbra Shadow Elemental would be a feature model in a Dragyri Shadow Caste warband.
  • The Umbra Shadow Elemental is basically terror incarnate. It is equally adept at dealing with powerful characters or massed troopers, and can sow discord in enemy ranks, better allowing the rest of the force to sweep through.

Blister pack contains: one (1) Umbra Shadow Elemental, one (1) 50mm base, and one Dark Age unit card.



DAG2405   Shadow Caste Death’s Device of Shadow (1)

Typically the Death’s Devices of Ice are the tallest and strongest of the Ice Caste. While it is true that mostly females join the Shadow Caste, there really is no shortage of disenfranchised males ready to do so too. Those that survive the grueling Ceremony of the Asp return to the surface to take their place as a Death’s Device of Shadow, lithe and efficient killers. While not as bulky and brutal as their Ice Caste counterparts, the Death’s Devices of Shadow can certainly stand tall in a fight and take a beating while slaying their enemies.

  • Highly detailed resin miniature – this brand new model brilliantly represents the strength and terror that the male Shadow Caste exude.
  • This Death’s Device of Shadow would be an elite model in a Dragyri Shadow Caste warband, and could also be fielded in a warband from another elemental caste.
  • The Death’s Device of Shadow is incredibly resilient on the tabletop, allowing it to cause a lot of damage to its targets while it soaks up incoming blows. It will work best alongside the Shadow Caste Keepers or Naedrae.

Blister pack contains: one (1) Death’s Device of Shadow, one (1) 40mm base, and one Dark Age unit card.



DAG2115   Ice Caste Greater Ice Elemental (1)    

Following their ignominious fall from the Water Caste to the Ice Caste, the Soul Wardens of Ice struggled with ways to connect to their new focus and summon the Greater Elementals that were so readily brought forth by the other Castes. A tribunal of Soul Wardens climbed high into the Western Mountains to find and strengthen their elemental focus, and returned with a brutal force to be reckoned with – the Greater Ice Elemental.

  • Highly detailed resin miniature – this is a resculpted model, bringing it in line with the wonderful concept art.
  • This Greater Ice Elemental would be a feature model in a Dragyri Ice Caste warband.
  • The Greater Ice Elemental is equally adept at dealing with powerful characters or massed troopers, and works well when supported by the Ice Caste Hail Kin.

Blister pack contains: one (1) Greater Ice Elemental, one (1) 50mm base, and one Dark Age unit card.



DAG2220   Air Caste Whisper/Cyclone (2)   

For many centuries, the Air Caste has relied on the speed and agility of their female warriors. Two of those warrior cadres are the elite Cyclones and the silent Whispers. Traditional honor runs deep in the Cyclone corps, where all the warriors are female, as no male has yet reached the high bar set by these incredibly lithe fighters. The more recently founded Whisper corps skirts the traditional tenets of honorable combat, but their Arbiter demands that the use of xenosathic crystals in their ranged weaponry means that the Whispers are honorably delivering their focus directly into combat.

  • Highly detailed resin miniatures – these are resculpted models in two poses. Separate hands holding either knives or chakram allow the gamer to model the miniatures as their choice of melee-oriented Cyclones or range-oriented Whispers, or even one of each type.
  • These models would be mid- to high-level troopers in a Dragyri Air Caste warband.
  • The Cyclones are incredibly nimble and lithe combat troops designed to dance through enemy formations and bleed them dry, while the Whispers skirt the edges of the battlefield taking opportunistic shots with their wicked chakram.

Blister pack contains: Parts to make either: two (2) Air Caste Whispers OR two (2) Air Caste Cyclones OR one (1) of each type, two (2) 40mm bases, and two (2) Dark Age unit cards.



DAG2007   Dragyri Sling Slaves (3)  

Millennia have passed since the Dragyri overthrew their Alteghran masters and forced them into slavery. The debased beings that are now driven at the forefront of Dragyri advances bear little resenblance to their once-proud forebears, as they grudgingly take up arms against the humans (and worse) on the surface of Samaria. The Sling Slaves have no honor, and so are perfectly suited to the role of ranged combat, something many honor-bound Trueborn would never consider.

  • Highly detailed metal miniatures – these resculpted models have brought the Sling Slaves up to date, matching the contemporary aesthetic.
  • The Sling Slaves can be fielded in warbands of the Air, Fire, and Ice Castes.
  • The Sling Slaves, in many warbands, provide some much needed ranged support and, when fielding in conjunction with each other, can bring down a larger, higher value foe.

Blister pack contains: three (3) Dragyri Sling Slaves, three (3) 30mm bases, and three Dark Age unit cards.

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