Aren and His Playthings Unit Box Now Available

June 29, 2018 New Releases  No comments

Summer is here and it’s hot outside. No better time to head indoors and get some gaming in. For those Dark Age players out there, we’ve got a new box set available for you. Created in part with help from the 2017 Immortals winner, Aaron Bohm, we are pleased to bring you Aren and His Playthings.

DAG00006 Bounty Hunter Aren and Playthings 1

Freed from a digital prison by the L1ghtbr1nger, the mind of Project: Aren now has an advanced bio-mechanical chassis and access to a host of interesting technology it uses to adapt to situational stimuli. This includes the pheremonal broadcaster that forces the creatures of the Brood to see Aren as one of their own, including his heavily modified “C.O.R.E.hound” monstrosities. Interested in hunting her enemies and also caught between two worlds is Irinya, a Brood-hybrid mutant that hears Helexa’s song and obeys what she asks – for a price.

So cool off at the gaming tables and check out Aren and His Playthings, available now.

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