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Happy Cupboarder’s Day!


For those of us in America, we just got through celebrating one of our local holidays – Thanksgiving – and it begged the question what kinds of holidays do the cultures of Samaria celebrate? Not all of a Samarian’s life is war, conflict, and a depressing survival. They have their moments of mirth and joy as well, and many noteworthy days on their strange, somewhat malleable calendar.

By the Samarian year 518 (based upon the Prevailers’ word), there are a number of Samarian Holidays being celebrated by one culture or the next.

In the wake of an American holiday here on “ancient Terra”, we wanted to list out a few popular ones on the distant world of Attr…

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All Saints Day – Dark Age Style!


Hey Samarians!

All summer long we were giving out the infamous Dark Age Chronicles: Diary of a Toxic Man at conventions across the United States and many people had been asking about when we would be making that published narrative gaming product available in an electronic format. Now it is here! Head to the Downloads section of the website and go grab it so you can play this cool string of narrative scenarios.

But wait… there’s more!

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In Shadows and Dark Places


The world and history of Dark Age is a large and epic place, with tons of secrets hidden and tucked away in its shadowy corners. Whenever we get a chance to peel back one of these mysterious layers, we like to do so with some flair. Something interesting and unique is coming to Dark Age in early 2018, and today we want to give you just a preview of its arrival…

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Dark Age Faction Spotlight: The Dragyri


Bryan tells you a bit about the Dragyri Faction of Dark Age.

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Dark Age Faction Spotlight: C.O.R.E.


Bryan explains the might of Dark Age’s C.O.R.E. Faction.

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A Look at the Haniel Ranger

Haniel Ranger 2017 Front

“Lock and load, girls and boys. Step where I step. They will never see us coming.”

The life of a Forsaken Haniel is not very forgiving, and often relatively short. Spending days or sometimes weeks hunting the enemy near to their territories puts the Haniels in constant danger, especially those that are ordered to stay active near Skarrd hunting grounds. More than a few Haniels have ended up in the cults’ larders because of a foolish misstep or a brave attempt on a priority target. Only a select gifted number of these deadly scouts venture deep into enemy turf, dodging enemy patrols and picking off stragglers, in order to return to New Ashkelon with invaluable information about wherever they have been. These career scouts are given a military rank and a new title – that of Haniel Ranger.

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The 2017 Official Brood Beta Rules Document


The Brood have been evolving and genetically reincarnating for centuries, and the rapid escalation of Samarian conflicts in the last few decades has caused the most change in them to be sure. With the promise of a new Dark Age: Brood faction-focused book planned for later 2018, it was decided that we would give the age old Brood faction a rules-facelift before their full new release. Now, as of today, the gaming populace of Dark Age players and fans get to use these new rules officially.

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Ajax-Chassis Exo-Frame


“It is a great honor to pilot such a deadly piece of our history.” –Terry Bandwidt, Ajax Pilot Recruit

Saint Joan’s search to fulfil Isaac’s final words evolved from a strange and vengeful vision quest to a segmented journey from one hidden cache of technology to another. Following outcast rumors, translated texts, and the gasped confessions of the viciously interrogated, her travelling warband uncovered thousand-year-old samples of what the United Worlds had to offer when it was still in control of Attr. Most of these items are broken, decrepit, and little more than potential research for technicians to pore over in the future, but every so often, something is unearthed that is a truly wonderful echo of the planet’s past.

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Interactive Map of Samaria


Earlier this year, we released the very first full-color map of Samaria, crafted for us by Matthew Weaver. It was a big hit with our veteran Dark Age players, who also requested a more “interactive” version to explore. Well, after some weeks of work, we’re are finally able to present to you our “Interactive Map c.517″!

By clicking on the map section below, you can go to our interactive map, and learn a lot more about the world of Dark Age.


Alternatively, you can always find it on our site by choosing “The Game” drop down menu and clicking on the “Interactive Map c.517″.

If you would like to learn more about Samaria, from Dark Age Developer Bryan Steele, you can check out this interview on Beasts of War. Click on the image below.


If you would like to download any of our Map of Samaria...

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