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The Kukulkani Update is here!


We are very excited to present to you the very first of our “Web Updates”! The Kukulkani are the newest of the Dark Age Factions, and also one of the smallest. For a little while now we’ve wanted to update the way that the Kukulkani Bio-Energy mechanic works, but with such a small faction, we didn’t want to wait until we had enough units to fill a lovely printed book.

Instead we’ve decided to provide an update to the cards (which we’ve done before), and give you all a brand new type of document, which we’re calling a Lore Document. This document provides you with the background of the faction, as well as descriptions of all of the units in the faction. We hope to start rolling these out for the rest of the factions over the coming year.

The information that used to be found in the Kukulka...

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Outcast Errata Update (7.15.2016)



We are entering into the mid-year for Dark Age, and with it we have a few Updates for you guys!

First up are some changes for the Outcasts, specifically the Salt Flat Nomads. We’ve scoured over our tourney reports and player feedback from the last year, and based on our collected data we’ve had to make a few changes to the following models:

It is unfortunate when we have to reduce a unit’s power, but for the overall state of game health, it has to be done time to time. Likewise, if a unit is seen grossly under-performing, changes must likewise be made to bring it up to caliber with other units in the game. 


  • Base Size Changed to 40mm
  • Size changed to Medium (from Large)
  • HP reduced to 1 (from 2)

Over the last year, Lynette and her two pups have been a force to be re...

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Faction Decks For Sale Now!


This faction deck contains all of the up to date stat cards for your favorite faction with a sleak new layout design that is easy to follow and pleasing to the eye.

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