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Community Feature – Igor Ivanov’s Fire Caste Dragyri

With all the buzz focusing on the Dragyri, we thought it would be a great idea to amplify that enthusiasm. We reached out to Igor Ivanov, a member of the Dark Age Community who has been incredibly active in the Russian wargaming scene recently. Thanks to Igor’s energy, we should have some of our first regular stockists of Dark Age product in Moscow! In addition to introducing all his friends to Dark Age, Igor has been painting up some beautiful stuff lately, including these lovely Fire Caste models. We’ll hand it over to Igor to tell us more about his warband:


“My first encounter with Dark Age happened not so long ago, in May 2016. I was watching a Beasts of War video on my birthday and was staggered by the awesomeness of the new miniatures...

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What? Out of Stock?


Sometimes you discover things are going a little better than you thought they were. This is one of those times.

We were not completely prepared for the number of you that would be clamoring for the new Dragyri Book and Shadow Caste Faction Starter.

We air-freighted what seemed to us to be a reasonable amount of the Dragyri Book to the Atlanta warehouse so that we could be ready for release, with the remainder of the books to be sea-freighted afterwards, arriving in plenty of time to continue supply uninterrupted. Thanks to your enthusiasm, we are now scrambling to see if we can get more books air-freighted to meet your demands.

Similarly, our Shadow Caste Faction Starters went faster than expected. We have the materials to create more, *except for* the Lesser Spiderlings...

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COMMUNITY FEATURE – Rich Blondel’s great terrain!

Desert and Rocks!

In our very first Community Feature, we took a look at Rich Blondel’s CORE collection. Now Rich is back with a look at some of his Dark Age terrain, and some words on how he built and painted it all.


” Greetings, Samarians.

I am happy to be able to show you all my Dark Age gaming table! I wanted something that looks very natural and would be easy to make, I didn’t want to sink a lot of money in this project either, so I’m presenting a photo tutorial for a cheap board that will look (I hope) realistic.

• I bought two wooden boards, each 4’x2′

• I took some used cork noticeboards and tore them up around the edges. I glued the cork down to the boards, and kept the pieces aligned pretty well with the edges of the board...

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COMMUNITY FEATURE – Studio Fontaine paints Jarl Ramsaur


Well, actually Mathieu’s students did. This past weekend, students from eastern Canada descended on Trois-Rivières in Québec to learn various painting techniques at the feet of painting master Mathieu Fontaine. We’ve long been fans of Mathieu’s work, so when we heard he was featuring skin in his latest Masterclass, we thought we’d send him a model just right for the purpose – Jarl Ramsaur!



Here are a few examples from his class, still works in progress, but you can certainly get a great idea of the approach from these images.


To see more of Mathieu’s work and find out about his Masterclass events, check out his Facebook page HERE.

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COMMUNITY – A Dark Age Player Finder is underway!


We are very excited to announce that one of our community champions, Jay Ryan, has been putting together the beta-version of a player finder over the last 24 hours. It currently requires you to submit basic details via a pinned post on the Facebook fan group Dark Age: Samaria Reborn, but as Jay further refines it, that may change.

So, if you are already a member of the Dark Age: Samaria Reborn page, then head on over there and check out the pinned post. If you aren’t, please click on the link HERE, and request to join.

If you aren’t a Facebook kind of person, we ask for your patience. We’ll work towards including you very soon.

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Organized Play – Our New OP Kits!


Earlier in the week, we introduced you to the ‘Bludgelt’, our new “currency” for Dark Age Organized Play. You can check out the post HERE to learn more about it.

In that post we promised to show you more about our Organized Play (or OP) kits. Well, Aaron and the lovely folks at Battle Bin are packing up our OP kits as I type this, and they’ll be delivered to us just after Gencon. Very exciting!


We have two OP Kits for Dark Age – Kit #1 and Kit #2 – so that we can switch up a few things in the kits to add variety to your prizes in-store. Once we know the rate we’ll be going through the OP kits, we’ll be able to better plan more variety, but we think these are starting out pretty well.


In both of the kits you will find:

• One Bludgelt ...

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Community Feature – Carl Tees’ Kukulkani Ah Chu Kuk

We recently represented the first of our Community Features (Rich Blondel’s CORE army). It is now time for our second Community Feature. With the Kukulkani Web Update just around the corner, we thought it would be best to show off one of the best Kukulkani models we’ve seen from the community in quite a while. Carl Tees recently painted up this Ah Chu Kuk and we loved it so much me asked him to write a few words about the process he went through (and while it’s not actual magic, it certainly seems very close). We’ll hand it over to Carl…


Carl: This model is the Ah Chu Kuk from the Kukulkani faction and I’ve been asked to share my thoughts on how I approached painting it.


Before I started painting this piece, I attended a painting workshop with Alfonso “Banshee” Giraldes...

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Community Feature – Rich Blondel’s CORE

There has been a great resurgence in activity in the Dark Age community over the last six months or so, and we’ve been seeing quite a lot of wonderful models being painted by hobbyists around the world! One such hobbyist is Richard Blondel from France. He has painted some fantastic stuff, and we’ll be sure to share more of it in the future. But for now, it’s over to Rich:


“Here is my CORE army, there is actually 1000 PTS (I use a Menial Bot as Spartan Menial). I wanted a “tabletop+” paint level for my miniatures, so that I could get playing quickly, because my friends and I have a rule where we only play with fully painted models.

I primed all the models in white and used Games Workshop paints. I’ll quickly explain how I painted each unit of my CORE army.


Menial Bot:

These one was re...

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Ever heard of the Moffit 1,000-Point Challenge?


We are very lucky to have a great community of Dark Age hobbyists. People who are dedicated to the game and the story and the miniatures, and who love to show the game to everyone they meet. Some of our veteran hobbyists are willing to take that enthusiasm a step further, and one of them is even willing to drive across half the continental United States to challenge someone to a game.

David Moffit has been playing Dark Age for a very long time, so long he thinks he remembers a time before the Abandonment. Moffit loves Dark Age so much he regularly plays larger than usual games, busting out up to 4,000 points a side! Well, last summer he started a little campaign, in an effort to get to meet Dark Age enthusiasts across the country...

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