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Building the C.O.R.E. – The Zetamax


We’ve been asked a few times about assembling the recent Zetamax release for the C.O.R.E. so we figured now was the right time to give you a step-by-step through the process. We hope this helps all you budding robotics engineers.


Step One – make sure you have all of the parts shown above. Clip the necessary pieces off their sprues and do your quick clean up of mold lines etc.


Step Two – Start by gluing the ends of the legs into the pelvis. If you want to add them, some small pins might help strengthen the connection.


Step Three – Once all four legs were attached to the pelvis, we left them to dry thoroughly.


Step Four – The next step was to glue the “skirt” on to the rear of the torso. You can seen the shapes where the two pieces will connect.


Step Five – the shoulder plates/sockets...

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Community Feature – Carl Tees’ Kukulkani Ah Chu Kuk

We recently represented the first of our Community Features (Rich Blondel’s CORE army). It is now time for our second Community Feature. With the Kukulkani Web Update just around the corner, we thought it would be best to show off one of the best Kukulkani models we’ve seen from the community in quite a while. Carl Tees recently painted up this Ah Chu Kuk and we loved it so much me asked him to write a few words about the process he went through (and while it’s not actual magic, it certainly seems very close). We’ll hand it over to Carl…


Carl: This model is the Ah Chu Kuk from the Kukulkani faction and I’ve been asked to share my thoughts on how I approached painting it.


Before I started painting this piece, I attended a painting workshop with Alfonso “Banshee” Giraldes...

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Paint Spl’Attr – Bigchild Creatives Edition – Moloki


After a recent chat with José Nuñez, the owner of Bigchild Creatives (the wonderful team in Spain that sculpts and paints many of the Dark Age Miniatures), he sent us through this great walkthrough of painting the Salt Flat Nomads’ Moloki (released last Friday!). We just had to show you all. Over to José.

“I would like to share with you a little step by step of this fantastic Dark Age miniature, the Moloki. The Moloki are desert creatures, accustomed to camouflage themselves in dry and sandy environments. For this I used a warm color palette, always moving between tertiary colors, with shades from red to yellow, without losing the feel of the pale skin these sand crocodiles have...

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Paint Spl’Attr – Brood

Paint Spl’Attr is an irregular series of articles designed to help you get your Dark Age miniatures painted quickly and well and boost the look of your forces on the tabletop.

Brood – Ratchet – painted by Dave Taylor


In any Brood force, the Ratchets are likely to be the most numerous. Bred as a simple foil to the vast numbers of humans the Brood must face, these bio-constructs are shorter than most other Brood, yet still tower over their typical enemies. This “swamp creature” color scheme is pretty straightforward and evocative of the Brood and can be replicated across many other Brood units.

NOTE: On many of the Brood models, it can be tough to tell which parts are bio-grown chitinous plates, and which parts are grafted on metal armor. We are very happy to leave it to you to decide...

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Community Feature – Rich Blondel’s CORE

There has been a great resurgence in activity in the Dark Age community over the last six months or so, and we’ve been seeing quite a lot of wonderful models being painted by hobbyists around the world! One such hobbyist is Richard Blondel from France. He has painted some fantastic stuff, and we’ll be sure to share more of it in the future. But for now, it’s over to Rich:


“Here is my CORE army, there is actually 1000 PTS (I use a Menial Bot as Spartan Menial). I wanted a “tabletop+” paint level for my miniatures, so that I could get playing quickly, because my friends and I have a rule where we only play with fully painted models.

I primed all the models in white and used Games Workshop paints. I’ll quickly explain how I painted each unit of my CORE army.


Menial Bot:

These one was re...

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Paint Spl’attr – Forsaken

Paint Spl’Attr is an irregular series of articles designed to help you get your Dark Age
miniatures painted quickly and well, boosting the look of your forces on the tabletop.

Forsaken – Bane – by Dave Taylor


The backbone of the Forsaken military forces are the Banes. As the most numerous troops, I figured this would be a great place to start. The black cloak and clothing can also be found on several models across the Forsaken range, like the Ravages and St. John’s Faithful. This approach can even be helpful for troops like Coils, Firestorms, and St. Mark’s Shades.

Throughout this article we’ll refer to various paint colors from both the Vallejo and Army Painter ranges. These are typically available from your FLGS, or through our webstore...

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Paint Spl’Attr – Ice Caste Dragyri

Paint Spl’Attr is an irregular series of articles designed to help you get your Dark Age
miniatures painted quickly and well, boosting the look of your forces on the tabletop.

Ice Caste Dragyri – Frostbite – painted by Dave Taylor

For this model I decided to break a little from the excellent studio miniature color scheme and present a brighter, more polished metal accented with the crisp blues. But the first stage was to paint the large expanses of Dragyri flesh.


To help understand where the highlights and shadows would fall on the model, I first primed it all over with a black primer. Once that was dry, I sprayed the model with a white primer from a raised angle (about 30 degrees) to create shaded areas on the model.

Throughout this article we’ll refer to various paint colors fro...

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