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Not Long To Go… Let’s Peek At Some Pages


With just over two weeks to go before Dark Age: Skarrd hits the shelves, we want everyone to get ready to grab those 236 pages and get the evolution of the rules and the Dark Age narrative!

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Winning with The Lesser: Part 2, Dragyri Slave Special Edition!


We’re back with Part 2 of our tribute to the oft-overlooked Slaves. The powers that be decided the newer sub-factions, Shadow and Earth Castes, deserved their own section and it’s not hard to see why. For Shadow, they actually don’t employ slaves AT ALL, and instead use a unique combination of refurbished C.O.R.E. models and trained Spiderlings. And as for the newest addition, Earth Caste, well… they play so different from the other factions we just have to take special interest on how they use their likely well-treated slaves.

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Winning with The Lesser: Dragyri Slave Tactics, Part 1!


“Why would you write a tactics article about Dragyri slaves?!” you might ask. Especially since, through the years, these Alteghran scrubs have often been scoffed at as the bottom tier, all-but-unplayable models of Dark Age?

Truthfully, these low cost front-line fodder pieces have always been in the discussion for high-level Dragyri play. Whether in tying up bigger models, capturing objectives or simply spreading dangerous shard fields everywhere, slaves have played an important part in Dragyri strategies for tournament players (including two Sling Slaves used in the 2017 Immortals win). So, how should they be used?

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A Closer Look at the Upcoming Skarrd Unit Boxes


Hello all you Fine Young (and Old, we don’t discriminate) Cannibals!

With GenCon 2017 looming just a handful of weeks away and with it brings the release of the long awaited Dark Age: Skarrd faction sourcebook. As soon as this collection of great narrative, new units, old units, and all their fearsome talents is out in the wild, we will begin to transfer the Skarrd miniature range into Unit Box sets over the course of several months – all the while surprising you with resculpts and NEW units as well along the way!

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July Dark Age Releases And Documents Update


It’s hot outside. And it’s hot over on the gaming tables, too. The latest Dark Age releases are now available over in the CMON webshop as well as at your LGS. This month we have the new Forsaken Haniel Triad Unit Box, as well as continuing the repackaging of the Dragyri Fire Caste. In addition to all that, we’ve also updated some of the web documents that you should all check out.

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A Look at the Broodspawns Evolved


In just a few short days, we will be releasing the brand new and terrifying “Beta” rules for the Brood – one of Dark Age’s oldest and dearest factions – and we wanted to give you folks one last peek behind the curtain about how these new rules are going to work.

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The 1,000 Point Moffit Challenge! – Official 2017 Rules

moffit token

Since Dark Age began, there have been a few champions of the game that rose up from the ashes and climbed above the chaos to serve as demo volunteers, event coordinators, Playtesters, and even writers or editors of our game and its products. While they are Legion and they all bring new and awesome things to our community, none have gone – literally – so far out of their way to do so as David Moffit.

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Dark Age June Releases Available


The earth’s shakin’, the Saints are walking among us, and it’s really starting to heat up in here with the latest set of releases, available now at your gaming store. The Dragyri Earth Caste has a new box set, the Forsaken have an alternate version of Saint Isaac, and the Fire Caste has some new packaging for many of their favorite units. Let’s take a look.

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Dragyri Battle Report Roundup


With the Earth Caste hitting tables all around the world, Dark Age‘s most venerable alien warriors are getting a spotlight shined on them. There’ve been some great battles using the different sub-factions over the years, and we’ve collected a couple together here for you to check out. Watch, enjoy, and maybe pick up some tricks you’d not seen before.

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Loot and Fortune!


“Whatever it is, Cap’n,” Roan swiveled his chair away from the navigator’s console and gestured to the holo-image floating above his station, “it’s huge.”

“Give me a full wake scan,” Captain Jake Flay nodded to the twins, Karol and Schoeller, sitting nearby at the electronics pillar in the center of the bridge. “What is that big, bad beastie?”

“Aye,” they answered in unison.

“Three parsecs from portside, come about rimward,” Suzy Belle, first mate of the Long Haul and frequent paramour of the captain himself, ordered. Her eye for piracy was second only to Jake Flay on board this ship, and she could sense a truly big score in the numbers flashing across her datapad as the information fed from the particle sweep of their potential target’s engine wash...

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