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FAQ Updates


Hey Samarians!

With the surface still rippling from us dropping the new cards and card changes into the pool, so to speak, we wanted to go ahead and make sure that we also released a few new notes into the Errata and FAQ for Dark Age. Please head over to the website and check out any changes that might apply to you or your future games!

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Results of The Favorite Side Character Contest!!!


The Winner Is…

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Elementals, Robots, and Constructs, Oh my! – The Power of the Non-Living Ability


In Dark Age, the vast majority of units that see the tabletop battlefields are biological organisms that eat, drink, breathe, and live. This means that the vast majority of miniatures in Dark Age are considered to possess the Living special ability. That is, to say, they are normal, living models. Living models basically play by all the normal rules, and will sometimes trigger specific effects based on the fact they are alive.

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Brood Faction Spotlight


Bryan gives us a rundown of the twisted and monstrous Brood faction.

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20 Questions about the Skarrd


You asked and we answered. Bryan takes a look at 20 questions that you wanted to know about the Skarrd faction.

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Kukulkani Faction Video


We go out of this world with the next faction video. It’s the Kukulkani.

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Skarrd Faction Video


Continuing our faction video series, Bryan takes a look at the Skarrd.

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Not Long To Go… Let’s Peek At Some Pages


With just over two weeks to go before Dark Age: Skarrd hits the shelves, we want everyone to get ready to grab those 236 pages and get the evolution of the rules and the Dark Age narrative!

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Winning with The Lesser: Part 2, Dragyri Slave Special Edition!


We’re back with Part 2 of our tribute to the oft-overlooked Slaves. The powers that be decided the newer sub-factions, Shadow and Earth Castes, deserved their own section and it’s not hard to see why. For Shadow, they actually don’t employ slaves AT ALL, and instead use a unique combination of refurbished C.O.R.E. models and trained Spiderlings. And as for the newest addition, Earth Caste, well… they play so different from the other factions we just have to take special interest on how they use their likely well-treated slaves.

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Winning with The Lesser: Dragyri Slave Tactics, Part 1!


“Why would you write a tactics article about Dragyri slaves?!” you might ask. Especially since, through the years, these Alteghran scrubs have often been scoffed at as the bottom tier, all-but-unplayable models of Dark Age?

Truthfully, these low cost front-line fodder pieces have always been in the discussion for high-level Dragyri play. Whether in tying up bigger models, capturing objectives or simply spreading dangerous shard fields everywhere, slaves have played an important part in Dragyri strategies for tournament players (including two Sling Slaves used in the 2017 Immortals win). So, how should they be used?

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