Community Feature – Igor Ivanov’s Fire Caste Dragyri

November 4, 2016 Community  No comments

With all the buzz focusing on the Dragyri, we thought it would be a great idea to amplify that enthusiasm. We reached out to Igor Ivanov, a member of the Dark Age Community who has been incredibly active in the Russian wargaming scene recently. Thanks to Igor’s energy, we should have some of our first regular stockists of Dark Age product in Moscow! In addition to introducing all his friends to Dark Age, Igor has been painting up some beautiful stuff lately, including these lovely Fire Caste models. We’ll hand it over to Igor to tell us more about his warband:


“My first encounter with Dark Age happened not so long ago, in May 2016. I was watching a Beasts of War video on my birthday and was staggered by the awesomeness of the new miniatures. Fire Caste quickly became my favorite and as a long time hobbyist I was going to improve my painting skills by choosing much more serious and artistic miniatures than, you know, the Space Marines I painted over the last couple of years. The impressive, stylish, dynamic, and detailed Fire Caste figures amazed me so I decided to grab them and start to paint ASAP. My collection of painted Dragyri isn’t quite large but, I hope you’ll enjoy looking at what I have done so far.

ii-firecaste02 ii-firecaste05 ii-firecaste04 ii-firecaste03

Starting with a leader-style model, here you can see a Spirit Lord armed with a shield and a warspear. My modeling experience told me to remove the original fragile resin spear shaft and replace it with tempered nail, and it was a tricky task, I can tell you. I also magnetized both shield and spear so it became much easier to transport when I went to play some games.


The next one is a Volcanic Helot, which was actually my first painted Dark Age model. I love the sculpt of her face, as it provides a painter with such lovely details to work on. Dragyri are much easier to paint than human-sized models as they have large eyes, facial features and muscles – I recommend them to everybody wishing to upgrade their painting skills.


The Brimstone was my second model, and this is not only a beautiful miniature, but also a great asset in the games! His flamers dealt so much pain to my opponents that I decided to buy myself another one, a female Brimstone this time.


The Inferno female model is so dynamically posed that I couldn’t help myself. I had to place her atop a slab of rock (made from a wooden chip), leaping on her enemies with outstretched khopesh blade.


And, finally, if you’re gathering a Fire Caste warband full of technological weaponry so unusual to Dragyri race, you almost always should take an Artificer of Alteghran along with your other combatants. This little fella can save your Brimstone, Pyre or Inferno from blasting themselves with fiery malfunction and he just got better with the recent update. He is slave no more (rules-wise)!

I hope you enjoyed this Community feature, and I wish you luck and great successes on your Dark Age hobby, be it gaming, painting or modeling those great miniatures!”

Thanks very much, Igor! Your Dragyri look wonderful, and we hope they inspire some great painting over the coming weekend!

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