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We’ve been excited to bring you this article since the first time we saw Rich Blondel working on his Esh. Rich spent quite a bit of time this summer working on his Prevailer collection, and earlier this month sent us these photos and words to let us know how he goes about his Prevailer painting. We hope you enjoy this little holiday treat, and we’ll see you all again next year! Now, over to Rich:

“This time I will show you my favorite faction, the Forsaken Prevailers. From early in my childhood, I have been fascinated by the European Middle Ages, and also really attracted by the stories, books and movies about post apocalyptic universes, that’s why I fell in love when I discovered the Dark Age Prevailers range. These models really are the perfect mix between these two styles, in my opinion.

In opposition to my C.O.R.E. warband, who are quite disparate in terms of color scheme, my Prevailers are really uniform. I wanted to have the feeling of a proud and strict army, painted at a tabletop+ level. The colors I chose were the red, brown and black for the clothes and the grey for all the metallic parts. Here are my recipes (I used GW paints and a wet palette):


Marius’ armor:

– A base of Dryad Bark.
– Two washes of Badad Black.
– Highlight of Dryad Bark mixed with white.

Golden parts:

– Zamesi Desert base.
– A wash of Agrax Earthshade.
– A wash of Badab Black.
– Highlight of Zamesi Desert mixed with white


Esh’s flesh:

– A mix of Warpfiend Grey and Kislev Flesh for base.
– I push this mix to white for the highlights.


Red parts:

– First I do a basecoat of Scab Red.
– A wash of Badab Black.
– Scab Red mixed with black base again.
– Scab Red again, but I keep the black part for the deepest area of the clothes.
– Wazdakka Red, for the top and the most highlighted area of the clothes.


Metals, with Non-Metallic Metal (NMM) technique: 

– A wash of Mechanicus Standard Grey
– A wash of Badab Black
– I highlight the Mechanicus Standard Grey to Administratum Grey, and finally finish with a mix of Administratum Grey and white, to the final touch of pure white. Don’t hesitate to mix this three colors for smooth colors transitions (the wet palette is awesome for that). I repeat this operation for the most highlighted areas of the armor.
– For the deepest parts of the armor I start from Mechanicus Standard Grey and shade to Eshin Grey, and then to black.
– I then add some details with thinned browns and oranges around things like screws for a rusty effect.



– A wash of Kislev Flesh.
– A wash of Agrax Earthshade.
– Highlight with Kislev Flesh mixed with white.


Black clothes:

– A base of Mechanicus Standard Grey.
– Two wash of Badad Black.
– Highlight of Mechanicus Standard Grey.


Brown clothes:

– A classic medium brown like Calthan Brown or XV-88.
– A wash of Agrax Earthshade.
– Highlight with the original brown mixed with a little bit of white.


Now you have all of my secrets for my Prevailers collection. It was a pleasure to paint it, especially the Warknights and Esh who are really awesome and pushed me into starting Dark Age. All my miniatures aren’t really finished, there are always some little details to do. I always proceed like that, and I like to return on my work, the minis are never really finished but they are actually playable.”

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