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Combining vast mental disciplines with a mastery of hand-to-hand combat, harbingers of fire, ice, and air, the Dragyri are emerging from their underground caverns. The Dragyri are massive aliens whose culture is based on etiquette, personal honor and dominance through single combat. Divided into castes based on the very elements they worship, the Dragyri use their mental disciplines to harness the forces of nature, summoning forth lightning strikes, hail storms, tornadoes, and pillars of fire to annihilate their enemies. Deeming man to be “Those-Without-Honor”, the Dragyri will not rest until they purge Samaria of all those they view as unworthy.

Honor Before Combat: Nothing is more important to a Trueborn warrior than honor. Only the most powerful of individuals are considered worthy of facing a Trueborn in battle. As a result a retinue of slaves travel everywhere with their masters, at least three to every Trueborn. Their task is to weed out the weaker enemies – as anyone incapable of defeating a slave is certainly not deserving of a Trueborn’s attention.

Focus: Through deep concentration many Dragyri are capable of generating minor elemental effects. The potency of these is amplified by the crystals allowing some, often Soul Wardens and Spirit Lords, to unleash intense displays of power. Most spectacular of these are the living Elementals, massive avatars of the Caste’s chosen element.

Castes: Each Dragyri clan devotes itself to an element, forming a Caste which is ruled by an Arbiter.