Dragyri: Air Caste

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DAG2214 Greater Storm Elemental

As malleable and flowing as the wind itself, the matriarchal female Air Caste of the Dragyri have never let themselves be pinned down by the mire of their species’ politics. Led by the inscrutable Yovanka, the Arbiter of Balance, ensures that the enigmatic goals of her caste always come first beyond those of her brutish cousins in the Ice Caste or the questionable crusades of the Fire Caste. Under her leadership, which personifies the name of her office as much as her agility does, the true born women of the Air Caste have carved out a deadly reputation in the lands dominated by men.

The Air Caste of the Dragyri are nimble warriors that excel at hit and run tactics and powerful thrown weaponry. Their attacks come from all sides in a variety of manners, with the crystalline edge of their weapons slicing their foes wide open in a blur of movement. Tapped into the elemental forces of the air and the storms that ride upon the wind, the Foci magics of the Air Caste call torrents of lightning, gales of raw force, and the summoning of the dreaded air elementals – nearly invisible creatures that manifest long enough to wreak havoc before vanishing into nothingness again.

Like the powerful weather patterns of their planet, the Air Caste attack suddenly and with great ferocity, laying waste to their enemies before calming into a warm breeze that rolls over the dead and dying in their wake.

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Dragyri Air-warband