Dragyri: Fire Caste

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Having defeated the Water Caste for the role of leadership generations ago, the Fire Caste of the Dragyri were satisfied lording over the Dragyri lands ever since. The forces of the Forsaken recently discovered and destroyed one of their most important armament facilities, a violent circumstance that has spurred the Arbiter of Rage, Rath’zhi into a frenzy. Wielding high technology weapons, they unleashed their Fire Caste warriors and slaves upon the world of men.

Greater Fire Elemental copyThe Fire Caste is unlike the other Dragyri in how they do battle. Their slave ranks are more lethal than other castes’, mercilessly allowing them to use dangerously energized crystals alongside the savage species of the Slyths. Having no regard for what other castes consider honor even in the trueborn warriors, the Fire Caste puts advanced energy weapons in the hands of specialized forces. The flame energies of their blasts superheat the blades in their hands, armors made from otherworldly materials, and shields made from heat itself make the true born Fire Caste into a powerful force. Their Foci magics are stemmed by their use of such strange technologies, but they still can conjure heat and flame from the ether, summoning up the fearsome fire elemental to burn through enemy lines without mercy.

Until Rath’zhi has his thirst for revenge and hunger for territory sated, he will continue to scorch anything in its path to the ground. Now that the Fire Caste has entered these lands, nothing is safe.

 Enforcer of Judgment and Pyres

Dragyri Fire-warband