Dragyri: Ice Caste

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DAG2101 Luck Kit KaiiAfter losing the Caste War with the Fire Caste ages ago, the last vestiges of the Water Caste fled into the human lands and reinvented themselves into the fiercely

savage Ice Caste. Trading their formerly fluid martial combat techniques for the hard edge melee skills taught by the new Arbiter of Fate, Luck’kit’kaii, the Ice Caste is as cold and unforgiving as the element is has chosen to emulate. Eventually the caste willbe ready to stand defiantly once more against the tyranny of the Fire Caste, and he is willing to spend the lives of countless slaves to get there.

Blades of crystal soaked with the freezing energy of their Foci slash through enemies with ease, the Death’s Devices and the Blizzard forces of the true born seeking glorious foes against which to test their skills. Calling snow and freezing cold to do their bidding with the harsh Foci from deep within them, the Ice Caste command the winters that Samaria never see, bringing icy death to all who oppose them.

DAG2112 Hailkins

 Dragyri Ice-warband