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Rising from the ashes to become a mighty religious theocracy, the bloody Crusades of their Saints touching all corners of the globe, The Forsaken are determined to bring religion to Samaria or die trying. The Forsaken are religious fanatics, worshipping those who call themselves Saints and killing those unfortunate souls deemed unworthy of God’s grace. After purging their own society, the Forsaken soon set their sights on the rest of the inhabitants of this godless world. Now the earth itself trembles as the mighty armies of their Saints surge forth to bring bloody justice to the heathen. Unbelievers beware!


SaintMark copySaint Mark: The first of the Saints, Mark is an ambitious, cunning and charismatic individual. Regarded by some as an emissary of the Lord, by others as a ruthless brigand he now finds himself embroiled in a bloody war against the alien Dragyri. Nowhere are the casualties as high as in the Western Crusade and seemingly endless caravans of civilian fugitives flee for New Ashkeleon from the West. Mark’s elite Reavers and Shades are masters of subtlety, and when necessary these assassins can be backed up by the immensely powerful Junkers.


SaintMary copySaint Mary: Captured and tortured by the Skarrd, Mary escaped to swear vengeance. A fierce protector of all who are in need, Mary and her troops guard the northern border. In this remote region she is often denied much needed troops and so makes do by recruiting whoever is available: from barbaric former criminals such as the Flense to wandering holy men like Judah.


SaintJohn copySaint John: Perhaps the most powerful of the Saints, John rules over a large swath of the south. Heir to an industrial empire of wealth and power, John realized at a young age that the mantle of a Saint was the surest way to gain his people’s admiration, and that their admiration was the key to power over them. He appreciates the value of human assets in his forces more than any other Saint, and goes to great lengths to keep them safe. This heroic solider scorns unnecessary sacrifice of his troops and so from the Bangers, which cut through swaths of the enemy, to the powerful Faithful, his is an army designed for durability. None, however, are as mighty as John and when this hero leads his army to battle they know they cannot fail.

SaintLuke copySaint Luke: Based on the Eastern frontier of the Forsaken territories, Saint Luke is the most isolated of the Saints. His forces are situated far from New Ashkelon, on the edge of the vast prairie separating the Forsaken lands from the volcanic mountains beyond. Few soldiers volunteer to serve in such an obscure role, and Luke’s forces are often outnumbered in battle. He has developed one of the greatest tactical minds in the Forsaken armies, often needing to use surprise maneuvers and strategies to pull victory from desperate situations. Returning to the Forsaken after his brutal “death” however may require more than just his astute cunning, and to the Prevailers, may well mark him out as the most dangerous man alive.

The Forsaken like the Outcasts can hire Bounty Hunters to bolster their forces.

Models of the Unaligned Forsaken