Followers of the Heretic

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A force taken from the pages of Samarian history, the Followers of the Heretic are the Forsaken worshippers of the teachings of the banished Saint Johann. The Scorpion Saint and his loyal graft-heavy forces left New Ashkelon in a dark pilgrimage away from the city of men, headed toward a new future in the wastelands. They held up in the walled security of Salvation’s Stronghold, practicing their grafting sciences and making dark deals with the tribes of the Skarrd. Casting off the shackles of Forsaken morality in order to adopt a new code of ethics that includes mutilation, murder and torture, the Followers of the Heretic were to be hunted by the Prevailers and their loyal forces.

DAG3403 DexusAside from Johann’s devoted lieutenants, the master grafter Dexus and the dark warwind Quietus, the Scorpion Saint leads graft-augmented versions of Forsaken forces mingled with some of the Skarrd’s twisted forces. These motley troops were so devoted to the Heretic and his ways that they did not even notice as the months passed by and Johann sent more and more of them toward a new evolution… a new metamorphosis. Their still remains the echo of Johann’s teachings, even long after the Followers have entered their new era.

Heretics Group

The Followers of the Heretic