The Prevailers

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Fanned by the flames of xenophobia, religious zealotry and bloodlust, the Prevailers have seized total power over the Forsaken. Led by Lilith, the brilliant protégé of the Scorpion Saint Johann, they have raised an unstoppable host to finally supplant the hated Saints in the hearts and minds of the Forsaken populace. The soldiers of Lilith’s army are a twisted hybrid of metal and flesh, a strange amalgam of CORE technology, Kukulkani implants and Skarrd grafts.


There are the Skylancers, soaring high above the skies of New Ashkelon; the Red Sisterhood, the Lord’s self-appointed executioners; the War Knights and their Captains, the holy shields of God; the psychogenic Repentants, condemned criminals seeking redemption; and the fanatical Flock led by the Shepherds. Championed by the mighty Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael, the Prevailer army is poised to annihilate all those who dare oppose them. Skarrd, Dragyri, Kukulkani – all shall fall before them!



Models of The Holy Prevailer Council