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06-22-2016, 02:45 PM

We recently ran a series on our Dark Age Facebook page, focused on one of the new Kukulkani units, the deadly and lithe Kaachika. Rather than letting all that fade away, We figured you’d like to see it live here on the website in some sort of digest form.

Welcome to Wrap Up!

On the Monday we showed off the concept art for the Kaachika, very cool stuff indeed.

On the Tuesday we gave you the story behind the Kaachika, “reprinted” here.

The Kaachika are warriors who have set aside their war clubs to join the Moon Goddess openly. Now that Ixchel and the Cult of the Moon are on the rise, a number of Kukulkan’s warriors have grown in confidence, and have stepped away from Quetzol’s crusade to join the Great Mother. The rivalry between the two leaders pits brother against sister, and questions about loyalty echo throughout Kukulkani society. The bravest of Moon worshippers outwardly prove their devotion to Ixchel – through amputation.

Warpriests surgically replace each Kaachik’s weapon hand with a bio-pulsar, an ancient energy projector. The angular prosthetic absorbs the light of the sun and stars and changes them into powerful blasts that can sear flesh and cause lasting muscle spasms. Having traded their former warrior melee weapon for the internal wiring and augmentations surrounding the bio-pulsar, the Kaachicka essentially becomes a living solar battery. Whether by design or happenstance, a Kaachik is a symbol of the Moon’s followers taking energy and power away from the sun to be wielded by those loyal to Ixchel.

It takes great devotion to the cause for a warrior to become a Kaachik. The transformation is permanent and cannot be hidden from other Kukulkani, often attracting unwanted attention from Quetzol’s loyalists. As more of his warriors join the Cult of the Moon and more Kaachika appear in their territories, the Kukulkani feel the sting of the growing rift between their leaders. The presence of the Kaachika, however, is much more of a threat to their enemies. Kaachika have a lot to prove to the Great Mother, and the easiest way is by bringing the infidels to their knees in her name.

On the Wednesday we showed off the cards for the Kaachika. A nice sneak peek for those who wanted to know about how they would perform on the tabletop.

http://dark-age.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/KS-KaachikaCardFrontv2.jpg http://dark-age.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/K3-KaachikaCardBackv2.jpg

And we followed the card with a little bit of a Tactics Talk from Dark Age game developer, Bryan Steele. Here’s what he had to say about these troops:

The Kaachika are really*the grunt soldiers in the Cult of the Moon Goddess, and they serve the Kukulkani war host as one of the most cost-efficient methods of gathering up Bio-Energy. For a mere 50 points per model, you get a slightly less durable Kukulkani Warrior that trades in their war club for a versatile ranged weapon called a bio-pulsar.

A single shot from the weapon can rip the Bio-Energy from a lightly armored target or stun tougher ones. Once the battle is joined and the Kukulkani player has some extra stores of Bio-Energy, each Kaachika can even augment their weapon to hit multiple targets in two different ways. The Bio-Pulsar can even work when engaged in close combat with the enemy!

The Kukulkani are nothing if not frugal, and when the Kaachika has outlived its usefulness as a Bio-Energy gatherer – they give up their own for the cause! Truly zealous in how they serve, Kaachika could be integral to any Kukulkani force that is heavy on Bio-Enhance abilities or technomantic Rituals.

While there are a lot of ways to use the Kaachika, here is a 500 point list (with 150 point sidebar) based around the gathering of Bio-Energy specifically for use with their own various Bio-Enhance skills.

- Supreme War Captain

- Kukulkani Warrior (x2)

- Kaachika (x2)

- Balam

- Ah’Chu’kuk


- Honor Guard

- Honored Dead

Another solid way of playing with the Kaachika is to use their Bio-Energy capabilities is alongside the Technomantic Ritual units. They have access to a constant supply of Bio-Energy to help support the Kaachika’s use, which in turn gathers more Bio-Energy, and so on. At a higher point level as well, the following 750 point list (150 point sidebar) takes full advantage of some very powerful Ritual-casting models (one of which players still have yet to see in the public!).

- Ixchel, The Nocturnal Mother

- Cabrakan

- Kaachika (x3)

- War Priest

- Devoted Priest

- Harvester (x2)


- Devoted Priest

- Living Ancestor


Then finally, on the Friday we took a look at the beautiful miniatures master-crafted by Bigchild Creatives. Our thanks to the sculptor Hugo Gomez, and painter Sergio Calvo, for bringing this incredible idea to life.

We’ll try to feature a new model (or models) like this each month on our Facebook page, which will also mean a Wrap Up! article here too.

Enjoy, Samarians!