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07-26-2016, 08:00 PM

Introducing new Organized Play kits for Dark Age!
At the CMON Expo back in May, we told everyone we were working on new Organized Play kits for Dark Age and Wrath of Kings. Well, the moment to unveil them in all their glory has almost arrived. As a teaser, however, we really wanted to show you the premier item*for each of the Dark Age kits – the Bludgelt ingot. These hefty (2-2.5 oz), hand-cast, metal ingots will be for the winners for any event (tournament, campaign, league, narrative event, etc) that uses the Organized Play kits for prize support.

But really, we should let Bryan Steele, Dark Age Game Developer, tell you more about them! Take it away, Bryan.


The Samarian Bludgelt of Dark Age
“Twelve .45s, two 12-gauge cartridge boxes,” Nathaniel looked over his shoulder at Orchid, a few tables into the tavern, “and two white lye spritzers.”

“That’ll be…” Happy Hour hummed, counting in his head and on his fingers at the same time, “five.”

“Five ‘gelt?!?” Nathaniel’s jaw went slack, “That same order was three just last week!”

“Times are tough,” the barkeep smiled, “everybody’s gotta earn their way ‘round these parts.”

In the*world of Samaria, most commerce is done using simple trade and barter, but between New Ashkelon and many Outcast settlements there is a minted currency – bludgelt. Meaning “blood money” in an ancient Terran language, these hefty ingots are cast*from scrap metal with a minting date and as few sharp edges as possible. Most commonly used to pay bounty hunters for their services, bludgelt are a regular*part of human society in Samaria.

Now they are a part of the Dark Age gaming community, too.

Dark Age players who participate in official events (March to Immortality, Convention Special Events, etc.), store-level events who have purchased the official Organized Play Kits, or in other special circumstances (beating Moffit in the 1,000 Point Challenge, challenge a game designer to a game at GenCon!) can earn one of these brand new 2017 (The year 517 in Samaria) Bludgelt ingots!

Now… these ingots are not just fantastic bragging rights and a trophy for your figure cases! They are the very currency with*which you buy*a spot in the Immortals Tournament at the CoolMiniOrNot Expo in Atlanta, Georgia in the Spring of 2017. Just by somehow earning one of these awesome pieces of Samarian commerce, you can step up to the Immortals tables and try to earn your place among those like Warlord Hoj, John Woe, John Carter, and more!

There is a very important factor about possessing one or more Bludgelt as a Dark Age player – be prepared to be*challenged for them! We encourage Dark Age players to publically and officially throw down the gaming gauntlet (maybe on one of our Dark Age Facebook groups! The more public and brazen, the better!) at someone holding Bludgelt and try to play them for it! After all, getting to the top has its price…

…a price paid in Bludgelt!