View Full Version : Marches to Immortality at GenCon 2017!

08-11-2017, 04:00 PM
Hello Samarians!

GenCon 2017 is just next week, and we wanted to make sure everyone planning to attend was made aware of the three distinct March to Immortality tournaments being held during the Best Four Days in Gaming!

If you are coming to the convention and want to throw some dice and push some killer miniatures around for fun, fame, and prizes – including the coveted bludgelt coins used to buy your way into the Immortals tournament at CMON Expo in May 2018 – you will want to sign up! These are ticketed events, so be sure to make sure your spot gets held. Spots are going fast!

All of these tournaments are going to be 3-round events using the standard MtI 2017-2018 format, calling for 500 point Forces (bring an optional 150 point reinforcement “sidebar”) and all your normal gaming accoutrements.

The information you will need to get in on these fantastic events are as follows:

NMN17123039 – Thursday Night 8:00pm (Hosted by the guys at New Ashkelon Radio!)

NMN17122599 – Friday Night 6:00pm (Hosted by Bryan Steele himself!)

NMN17123041 – Saturday Night 8:00pm (Hosted by the guys at New Ashkelon Radio!)

Come one out, get signed up, and get some cool prizes while playing some fun games against people from all over the world!