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04-10-2018, 02:20 PM
Hello Samarians!

So… we are just a month away from CMON Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, and everyone knows what that means:

Immortals 2018!!!!!

Just to make sure we get everyone on the same page and a bit more balanced between the many factions, sub-factions, and units in Dark Age before the biggest and most important tournament of our year, we have pushed our Playtester groups hard for the past few months and produced some interesting, new, and much-needed changes to many of the units found in a couple of our factions.

While there are more new unit cards and such coming in the following months, we wanted to get *these* particular changes and units out in digital format with a full month for players to use, enjoy, discuss, and practice with (and perhaps build good proxies for the units that have yet to see models?) in time for CMON Expo, or even the UK National event coming shortly as well!

Let’s take a look at what is happening, so you can download the right files and start getting ready to unleash new and adjusted hell upon your foes!

- Brood Update -

Your emails and event results starring the Beta Test Brood have slowed down quite a bit, but there were still several patterns that popped up to reveal some changes that needed to be made. You might also notice some VERY cool new concept art that matches the planned miniature updates for the faction. There is still one new piece of art that has yet to appear, and we will make a big deal when that ugly mug gets his new “look”, too. As it is, the cards now match much closer to the new style of the miniature direction.

http://dark-age.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/pudthrower_new-300x297.jpg (http://dark-age.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/pudthrower_new.jpg)

– Pud Swarm went from a DF 3 to a DF 4 and lost a little bit of PS to continue to show that it is just a pile of ravenous tadpoles and not something as utilitarian as say, a Sawblade.

– The Gazelle was doing a lot more work than its other 75 point friends, so its combat efficiency was backed down a little… but don’t worry, she is still a speedy kill machine!

– Plights have seen a slight reduction in their Pincers attack, as they are supposed to be more of a ranged lean.

– The Alpha Broodling needed something a little extra to make it more than just a vehicle to bring more Broodlings, so it now can be protected by its fellows, reinforcing the feel of its role as a pack alpha.

– Broodlings went from annoying 25 point speed bumps with Regeneration to 25 point pack hunters (playing off the Alpha, of course), that are easy enough to stamp out – but can group up to a hell of a group attack!

– Pud Roamers. Talk about the primary point of everyone’s comments. It came from the collective that “the Pud Build” was just too hard to deal with, and no one was really using the Puds as healing patches as much as annoying speedbumps because they were pretty difficult to hit. We have raised the DF of the little slimers, and that seems to have made them much easier to pick off before they become a problem. Also… we suggest that people bring more explosions to wreck these little guys!

- Forsaken Update -

The eldest and largest faction in Dark Age, the Forsaken were due for a bunch of minor changes… and a couple of NEW units that we felt you should have access to start playing and proxying with, long before the official miniatures ever become a reality. It has been quite a while since the Forsaken have seen some tweaking to their cards, so there is several changes both large and small for a variety of reasons. Rather than filling pages of text with the whys and whats, here is the list of cards you will want to download and look over to make sure you are ready for your official events (especially CMON Expo!).

http://dark-age.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/da_saintisaac_helldiver_concept_final-300x243.jpg (http://dark-age.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/da_saintisaac_helldiver_concept_final.jpg)

Forsaken Unaligned:

– Deathstryke, Ravage, Ravage Leader, Firestorm, Firestorm Leader

Followers of the Heretic:

– Saint Johann (The Original Heretic Saint), Harborya (Alpha Harpy)

Followers of Saint Isaac:

– Saint Isaac (Vat-Grown Hero), Helldiver Shock Trooper

Followers of Saint Joan:

– Saint Joan (Darkness Unleashed), Deathknight, Sin Eater, Pyrokinetic Psychogenics

Followers of Saint John:

– Saint John (Aegis of Faith), Saint John (Faithful Hero)

Followers of Saint Luke:

– Saint Luke (Bastion of Faith)

Followers of Saint Mark:

– Saint Mark (Harbinger of Judgment), Sentinel (Mark’s Watchman), Junker

Followers of Saint Mary:

– Saint Mary (Herald of Vengeance), Joan (Orphan Oracle of Mary)

Army of the Prevailers:

– Archangel Gabriel (Angel of the Divine Song), Archangel Michael (Angel of the Divine Wrath), Archangel Raphael (Angel of the Divine Light), Esh (Angel of Judgment)

- Bounty Hunter Update -

The Bounty Hunters, much like the Forsaken, have received new units as the years have moved on, but some of the older Hunters have not changed along with the times. Included in the new Bounty Hunter downloads are quite a few little changes, the addition of the Unusual Clients special ability on a few different Hunters, and even some brand new non-Character Bounty Hunters that can help fill out certain Forces when players want that style of unit running with their main force (or run an ALL Bounty Hunters Outcasts force!).

First and foremost, you will note the addition of a certain new Bounty Hunter named Aren and his dastardly cybernetic creations, the C.O.R.E.hounds! These are the resulting brainchildren of the one and only Aaron Bohm, the 2017 Immortals Tournament Winner! We will be telling you more about this ancient science project come “alive” by the will of the L1ghtbr1nger (also Aaron’s previous Immortals Figure… see what we did there?) in the future, but we wanted everyone to see him in the “flesh” with enough time to have him for Expo… you know, just in case.

http://dark-age.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Aren-Print-layout-300x199.png (http://dark-age.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Aren-Print-layout.png)

For players that use (or might soon be using) Bounty Hunters, please download the entire Bounty Hunters card file and look closely at the most recent versions of your favorites! Quite a bit has changed, and we think you will be happy with the new vision of the Bounty Hunters.

We look forward to seeing your discussions about these cards, the new units, and seeing them on the tabletops across the world!

04-13-2018, 01:20 PM
Is there a schedule for releasing new card decks with the updates?