• Dragyri

    Millennia before humans discovered Samaria other space-faring colonists settled upon this unforgiving world. Miners from the Alteghran Empire explored the deep caves and catacombs, extracting the strange crystals that grew there. When an asteroid struck the planet those Alteghrans who survived found them trapped on a planet turned stormy and hostile. Seeking shelter they retreated deep underground. There they have remained - until recently.

    The Dragyri, as they are now known, are two distinct species that have come to see themselves as two classes within a single race. The larger of these two, the Trueborn, are masters of close combat, whose lives are governed by a strict code of honor. The smaller Slaves meanwhile devote themselves to performing the mundane tasks of Dragyri society. Crystal is still mined in large quantities as it is the mark of wealth among the Trueborn, being used to adorn armor and forge weapons. Furthermore it enhances their powers of Focus, allowing them to unleash spectacular elemental effects through deep concentration.

    Following the reconstruction of their civilization in the caves the Dragyri were ruled by The Great Arbiter, a figure who's skill in combat and power of Focus have never been matched. Upon his death the War of Ascension tore the Dragyri apart, leaving a sundered society. Today the clans are ruled by powerful Spirit Lords, each of which is subservient only to the Arbiter of their Caste. As their society has recovered from the costly civil war they have begun to explore above ground once more, only to discover it is now inhabited by a race they call Those-Without-Honor.

    Another war threatens, whilst in the deepest caves the shadows grow ever darker.

    Honor Before Combat: Nothing is more important to a Trueborn warrior than honor. Only the most powerful of individuals are considered worthy of facing a Trueborn in battle. As a result a retinue of slaves travel everywhere with their masters, at least three to every Trueborn. Their task is to weed out the weaker enemies - as anyone incapable of defeating a slave is certainly not deserving of a Trueborn's attention.

    Focus: Through deep concentration many Dragyri are capable of generating minor elemental effects. The potency of these is amplified by the crystals allowing some, often Soul Wardens and Spirit Lords, to unleash intense displays of power. Most spectacular of these are the living Elementals, massive avatars of the Caste's chosen element.

    Castes: Each Dragyri clan devotes itself to an element, forming a Caste which is ruled by an Arbiter.

    The Ice Caste: Powerful and stoic the Dragyri of the Ice Caste are led by the formidable Luck'kit-kaii, the Arbiter of Fate. The first aliens to be encountered by the Forsaken, the Ice Caste are now embroiled in a bloody war against Saint Mark's Western Crusade as the man they have named "Bringer of Vendetta" pushes his troops into their lands. Meanwhile on the far side of their mountain strongholds an older enemy presents what may be an even greater threat.

    The Air Caste: Fast moving raiders and traders the Air Caste have suffered a long history of poverty. Now, following the rise to power of the first female Arbiter – Yovanka Arbiter of Balance, they move ever more towards seizing opportunities and defying Dragyri conventions. They seek to carve a new future for themselves, but such a path holds many dangers and the Air Caste will need all of their guile if they are to survive.