• Skarrd

    When the rediscovery of religion swept Samaria like wildfire, those who failed to embrace the new theocracy soon found themselves pushed out. Forced together into a ragged mass of heretics and unbelievers they quickly realized they faced a lifetime of persecution. Unwilling to accept this, and lacking the strength to oppose the budding church, they fled north into the desert known as the Great Expanse. Long ago, in the days of the United Worlds, this area was home to many laboratories and factories where chemicals were designed for military use. The refugees were unlucky to stumble upon one of them and unleash the mutagens still stored inside. This single event was their undoing - and their remaking. The mutations which came about as a result have made them powerful, but also inhumanly mad and savage. Driven on by a thirst for vengeance these tribal cannibals have spread along the Northern Border of the Forsaken lands.

    In the year SC 5 the Forsaken Saint Johann was banished for the crime of heresy. Ignoring the orders of the Prevailers he had continued to practice the illegal science of grafting until he was forced to flee for his life into the desert. There he and his followers encountered the tribes of former refugees, now calling themselves the Baniss. It was a perfect opportunity for both to join forces against a common foe. They renamed themselves the Skarrd and turned their fury upon the Forsaken.

    Psychogenics: Exposure to mutagenic chemicals has had a warping effect on the minds of the Skarrd, causing some - the Fathers and Bone Doctors - to display powerful mental effects. If the player has one of these units in their army they may add their choice from a series of powerful effects, which can disrupt their enemy's plans or even kill their troops outright.

    Grafting: The Fallen Saint, Johann the Heretic, brought the science of grafting to the Baniss tribes. This practice, heretical in the eyes of the Forsaken, involves the combining of machinery with living flesh. By including a Grafter in your Skarrd force you will have the option to take many other powerful units, from the fearsome Harpies to the unnatural Drillheads and the terrifying Abomination.

    The Toxic Cult: Led into battle by the terrifying Father Curwen, the Toxic Cult are the perverse worshippers of all things poisonous. The nomadic tribes often call upon the aid of these strange individuals, making for a fearsome combination. By adding members of this Cult to your Skarrd army you will gain units that are not only immune to poison but adept at its use as well.

    The Blood Cult: Nothing has ever been so depraved and terrifying as the actions of members of the Blood Cult. Led by Father Mayhem, the members not only treat Mayhem as their God, they practice the perverse worship of all things Blood; the spilling, massacre, and consumption of blood. The actual presence of blood on the battlefield drives members of the Blood Cult into a Blood Frenzy where they are so blinded by red rage they have a hard time discerning who their allies and enemies are.