• March to Immortality

    Each year, Dark Age players gather at Gen Con Indy to participate in the annual Immortal tournament, where the winner gets to work with the design team to create a special character for the Dark Age universe. How cool is that?

    The March to Immortality is the premiere tournament circuit designed for stores and gaming clubs to host qualifiers that feed into the Immortal tournament at Gen Con Indy. Special prize support will be provided for participants. Providing that you meet the requirements, the winner will be provided with round trip airfare to Gen Con Indy to play in the Immortal Tournament. If you are a store/club that wants to run one or more of these awesome events, read the document and let us know!

    The next immortal winner might just be your store champion!


    To find out more information about about the 2012 X'Treme: Immortal Qualifiers Click here!

    Chris 'Hoj' Hojonowski
    Jon Wojcik
    Marc Berlove