• Dark Age Comes to Templecon!

    That's right things are going to warm up at Templecon!

    Templecon (www.templecon.org) held in Warwick Rhode Island, February 3-5 and Dark Age will be on hand to run demos and a Midnight Rumble event.

    Temple con events page.

    Here is a breakdown of the events that will be at Templecon:

    Friday Feb 3rd: Demos, 10am - 6pm.
    Saturday Feb 4th: Demos, 10am - 6pm; Dark Age Tournament: Rumble In The Dark, 7pm - 12am
    Sunday Feb 5th: Demos, 10am - 6pm

    Dark Age Tournament: Rumble In The Dark

    Armies march, crusades advance, warriors meet in battle. Screaming fanatics following self-proclaimed Saints face monsters, mutants, and madmen, but Samaria remains unconquered. Dark Age: Apocalypse is a gritty, D20 driven post-apocalyptic miniatures game. With survival at stake every battle counts! Join us for a late night tournament for Dark Age! Current Rules, Dark Age: Apocalypse will be the format, and we will be using the E’xtreme rules which can be found on Dark-age.com

    500 points of Dark Age Games Miniatures. Miniatures do not need to be painted, but must be assembled. They must be from the current range and no proxies. Dark Age Games will provide prize support.
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      wulfbein -
      I might come with a friend from Canada, hope it works.