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Dark Age Games - Dark Age Games Blood Bath Painting Competition!

  • Dark Age Games Blood Bath Painting Competition!

    Dark Age Games is proud to sponsor our very first Painting Competition for the New Year!

    In conjunction with our February releases, we are running a painting competition starting February 22th. The submission period for entering models will last until 31 March 2012. Models submitted must meet the following guidelines:

    - Must be a single based miniature from the Dark Age Games range.
    - A person may submit as many entries as they wish.
    - Model/miniature must be able to fit on a 30, 40, or 50mm base. If a plinth is used for the display, the width of the plinth must not exceed 55mm.
    - Must have a theme based off of the Blood Cult, it need not be a Blood Cult Unit, but can certainly be bloody enough that it can qualify to be a Blood Cult member, there must be BLOOD!

    Pictures of the finished model/miniature must be submitted No Later Than midnight 30 March 2012 Eastern Standard Time.

    All entries must be uploaded to CMON, no external links please.

    The top entry as selected by the viewers of CMON will receive the following:

    A Blood Cult Warhost Bundle with a retail value of $199.99!
    The Blood Cult Warhost Bundle is the perfect way to be a part of this macabre pilgrimage and begin a Skarrd Blood Cult force for Dark Age: Apocalypse. Containing a legal 1,000 point forcelist comprised of twenty-two individual models, the Warhost includes: Father Mayhem, a Skarrd Grafter, a Sister of Charity and six of her Buzzblade warriors, the fearsome assassin Red, two deadly Blood Reign, a squad of four savage Blood Mistresses, four Blood Puppets with a Keepsake to use them, and an imposing Skarrd Warhead. Also included in the warhost are 22 specially-crafted “Blood Cult Style” Groundwerks™ base inserts that look like bubbling blood made from translucent crimson resin!

    2nd and 3rd place will receive a CMON gift certificate of $50 and $25 respectively!
    Click here to go to the CMON Contest Page.
    Comments 8 Comments
    1. bj's Avatar
      bj -
      Well I won't win but I am going to submit a mini or two! Who's gonna submit a mini also?
    1. Wormstrum's Avatar
      Wormstrum -
      I may try and get something put together if my current painting shcedule allows it
    1. Steel Rabbit's Avatar
      Steel Rabbit -
      Oh this sounds rad! I'm in!
    1. Teurastaja's Avatar
      Teurastaja -
    1. Topflight's Avatar
      Topflight -
      Looks like i might have to post pics ahhhh nooooooooo
    1. bj's Avatar
      bj -
      I personally challenge everyone to post pics and paint as many minis as they can. I'll take that challenge one more step: I will paint minis and post them, I won't/can't win because if I am lucky at the most I'll ever get is a 5 on CMON, but the person that submits more minis than me will get every mini that I submitted for the contest, in the case of a tie or multiple people we will let the DA forums decide. Gauntlet thrown down.
    1. Wormstrum's Avatar
      Wormstrum -
      Yay, got my entry in. Just waiting for CMON to set it to active status. Decent number of submissions so far. Good luck to everybody who's entered =)
    1. wulfbein's Avatar
      wulfbein -
      The only negative comment I must say is that I find the lack of blood disturbing for a blood-themed competition.