• Outcast

    Unlike the other powerful factions of Samaria the Outcasts have no powerful leaders able to raise armies in times of war. No Saints or Arbiters command them, and in their competitive world a Warchief can only rise so high before another knocks him down. This, however, is just the way they like it. Life among the Outcasts is tough and every one of them is a true survivor. Without the fortress cities, standing armies and infrastructure enjoyed by their Forsaken neighbors these wasteland warriors must rely upon themselves alone. Strength is the currency by which they claim their meager possessions and weakness their only crime – one punishable by death from the innumerable hazards that surround them. Each one relies upon himself first, his gang second and no other, and the constant inter-tribal raids and blood feuds makes organizing them to any large extent almost impossible. Occasionally one will find an item of technology, looted from a long abandoned structure or vehicle, that elevates him above his peers, but only for so long as it keep working and he remains tough enough to hold onto it.

    The one thing every Outcast values above all else is their freedom. Their lives may be brutally violent, and are often cut short, but nowhere do they witness the levels of oppression suffered by the inhabitants of the Forsaken cities. The border between the two nations may be invisible to anyone without a map but the lives of the people in two settlements just a few miles apart on either side could scarcely be more different. On one side witch-hunters stalk the streets, whilst workers devote themselves to their prayers and constant obedience lest they face the torments reserved for sinners and heretics. On the other might makes right and a man who desires justice must claim it with a gun in his hand.

    The Outcasts like the Forsaken can hire Bounty Hunters to bolster their forces, presented below is the miniature gallery for the Bounty Hunters as well as the Outcasts.