Abandoned for centuries, these industrial machines have achieved sentience in the darkness and are now venturing onto the wastelands. Enigmatic, adaptive, and sometimes malevolent, what can only be described as a new species is tentatively stretching its wings. Pathfinders, Menial Bots and the Rend have emerged to study the other remnants of Samaria; a curiosity often fatal for the subjects!

    Dark Age Games is proud to announce their sixth faction to the game! In the upcoming months we will spoil you with Sneak Peeks of the upcoming faction as well as design articles and exciting new fiction. The Gallery will be updated with new pictures as the months progress as well. Check back often and be sure to visit our Facebook page for frequent updates.


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    1. Devotee of John's Avatar
      Devotee of John -
      I've heard rumors of a "robot faction" from many, many years ago. I'm very excited to see this finally happen.
    1. DA_BryanSteele's Avatar
      DA_BryanSteele -
      It only gets better from here, my friend. Seriously.
    1. HP Lovecraft's Avatar
      HP Lovecraft -
      Very exciting! I like the new approach to a robot faction - the Core are the new boys in the Samarian playground, and I wonder what they have been getting up to for all those years out there.... what sort of mechanical horrors will we get - count me on board!
    1. Core101's Avatar
      Core101 -
      I'll be on that army the second they're for sale a Gen con.
    1. ViperWingLeader's Avatar
      ViperWingLeader -
      I am currently Prepping St. Luke, but.....as soon as they come out...these guys, man.....these guys.
    1. Core101's Avatar
      Core101 -
      More pictures please.
    1. MARC C's Avatar
      MARC C -
      Never played but the cool look of these minis have seduced me ! Can't wait to see more of the Core models.
    1. Core101's Avatar
      Core101 -
      The Rend's stats are awesome.