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    Couple things I'll just toss in this two months old thread after getting back on the forum:

    Mongo is an excellent model with good abilities and a low point cost for what you get. If anything is undercosted in the game, I'd say it may be him. He can kill just about anything in CC by himself, but getting there can be a problem. He is average speed and can thus be stopped by lots of shooting, obstacles, or just being kept out of range.
    His primary function is as a tank that can take a lot of damage in direct combat, as an objective grabber, he is not as good. Keeping a fixer nearby is good, but the fixer is only one model that tries to do a lot of things in any given game.
    Just to show my love for Mongo, here's a link to mine painted up:

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    Awesome Mongo!!

    and I agree with your evaluation of the beef-cake known as Mongo.<-----My blog check it!

    New England CMoN FB Page <---- join up! Dark Age events posted here!! Outside the region welcome!

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