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    Getting back into it.

    Hey everyone I have been away from the game for a while but finally have some time to get back into it with my friends. I noticed there is a new rulebook and a ton of new units it seems. What books would I need to buy in order to make sure I am up to date with current rules? Also I have a forcelist book, and was trying to find out if a new one came out with more of the newer units. The only thing I found looks like the same book I have. Is there a new forcelist book out?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    rules wise you can download the newest rules off this website. There are quite a few changes pending how long you have been away. As far as getting the up to date rules for units they know sell decks of cards for each faction that has every unit with rules released. The set up of the cards is pretty sweet as the special rules are printed right on the back of the cards. If you want to catch up on fluff/story the forcelist book has all of that.

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    In addition to the above, I can confirm that there is no new Forcelist book. The 2013 Core Rules, Faction Documents for all factions, and Cards can all be found for free at the downloads section here on this site (http://dark-age.com/content.php?33-Rules).

    I should note that if you're looking for a hard copy of the rules, go ahead and just purchase the book. It is wayyyyyy cheaper to buy the hardcover book online compared to printing out the PDF file at Kinkos or something.

    There are also two other books that have been released within the last couple of years. "Devastation" is the book for the newer Cult of Metamorphosis and CORE units. "Conflagration" has the new Dragyri Fire Caste and Slavers units.
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