Hello all. Real quick, I know this forum has a code of conduct we all agree when we sign up. However, we all click the little box without much thought.

Even though we may disagree from time to time and sometimes these disagreements get heated, I wanted to make this post to reaffirm some of the things that most of us can agree on for our community. This is in response to some of the more heated topics but is not intended to target anyone specifically (people who know me know I tend to try and not be too negative and instead focus on the positive.

Therefore, here are some things I hope we can all agree on and "volunteer" to abide by on this forum, things we need to continually improve upon, starting with myself:

1. Everyone should feel safe to post: When responding to someone, ask yourself, "is this going to discourage them from posting?" As veterans, we should have a teacher's view that there is no such thing as a stupid question or viewpoint.

Also, the better we know the game should not give us more right to hold what we know against others but instead should allow us the patience to work with people other's whose opinion may differ.

2. Don't make/take things personal: I like things other people don't like. That may make me unique, or interesting or innovative or foolhardy. It does not make me right or wrong, it does not make me better (or worse) than someone else. We all need to make sure we make an effort to respect others and make sure we don't take statements too personally. In other words: debate the idea, leave the person alone.

3. No one and nothing is perfect: This is in regards to both the game and people posting. The game has flaws, will always have flaws. I believe, however, that as long as those running the game are willing to look at these flaws and adjust, then we are headed in the right direction. "Balance" is an important topic just so long as people understand that the game will never be 100% balanced and, (if we can all be honest with ourselves) will never be irreparably unbalanced. It's always going to be in flux somewhere in the middle. We, as veterans, have the responsibility to try and make sure that the pendulum is not swinging to far in either direction.

As people, forums are a horrendous place to convey an idea. Tone of voice, body language, humor, sarcasm - all this gets lost. And I guarantee that many of us would get alone 80% better in person, playing the game so how about we realize that no one is perfect, that chances are if I read something that bothers me I should take 10 seconds and consider it first, and realize that this person isn't perfect and neither am I. Sort of a, "forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me" pledge.

4. Our primary purpose is to be helpful to newer players and each other and build the community: Pretty self explanatory.