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    Quote Originally Posted by themailedfist View Post
    Damn good write-up Hoj. I take back one or two things I've said about New Jersey.

    See I'm not all terrible. I just get... Eccentric... The internet does that at times. All the best.
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    In a few games of late finn has been a star and really shows how good she is to the point I would even say she needs a change.

    One guy tried to tie her up with a cheap model but had another 2 behind that model so aim fire kill 3 cheap models, aim fire at 2 other targets kill both, aim and fire a 3rd time killing another model. I think we worked out she killed about 130pts without moving and only having avg dice rolls.

    Like I said its not a one time thing, she really is that good.

    Also Hoj, Warchief doesn't have elusive its only on his card because its part of survivalist.

    The Frenzied needs to say Must move their full movement directly towards the closes friendly model of a different name. Old WM/H tricks come in to play with these models we find.

    The biggest problem I can see with Slavers is....... there are a few SAs in the rule book that they forgot to add to a few slaver models
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    Another thought on fixing Finn if the idea is to retain her current functionality/shot volume and not increase her points too much would be to lower the PW of her rifle by 1 or 2 and lower its MAL to say 18.
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