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    Quote Originally Posted by cerealkiller195 View Post
    It is only useful in cc so if you get shot before then you are out of luck.
    As previously stated, that is not really that effective against TB-13. Not only does it have Elusive (double range penalties), a very low DEF of 2, but it also has Vault when ensures that it can get into cc relatively quickly. Once they are engaging your models, you're SOL. So yeah, maybe you get 1 activation to shoot a few ranged shots, but that's usually it.

    You are correct that only 4 models in the game have it, but they are very popular models and I see them often. They all have DEF of either 1 or 2, and if you add in range penalties and other defensive abilities (i.e. Judah has Defiance so he can't be targeted by ranged psychogenics) they can be hard to kill even at range.

    Low AR is barely helpful at all... The problem is hitting them (by ranged) or getting past Sidestep (in melee), which all takes place before you even look at AR saves.
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    -Recovery Bot, somewhat less essential, especially in lower point games (if only all sizes of CORE became wrecks... oh, if only...). It is, in all seriousness, very pretty however.

    Give it a rending saw, with the Sunder armor ability it is a deadly model.

    -Legionary has some nice survivability and its AOE attack is top-notch but it's a Gamma model with no upgrades. (I don't care what you say, Gamma is still a pain in the motherboard)

    The Legionary does not have an AOE attack did you mean the Thumper ?
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