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    Potential of the Prevailers

    i saw all the cool stuff Prevaillers will get/have but unfortunatly i was not at Gen Con (quite expensive to get to it from germany) so i dont have a clue what they can bring to the tabel (exept for the profiles that where shown on Facebook) so can someone give me a runndown of the things they are good at what you think there playstyle will be like and so on.....

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    Ah, where to begin. The more I've read up on Prevailers in the Fanatacism book, the more I look forward to fielding a Prevailer army. We didn't have any of them to demo this year at GenCon, but all the miniatures were available to look at and purchase. Here are my favorite talking points on Prevailers thus far:

    1. They are a sub-faction of Forsaken. While they cannot use the Forsaken-specific models such as Saint Luke, Saint Mary, etc. - they can field any generic Forsaken models in a Prevailer list (i.e. Coils, Banes, etc.). Mr. Black can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that they can use Bounty Hunter models as well.

    2. Their history is really interesting. Lilith, the only model that can currently be fielded from the Prevailer Council, has her own methods and opinions on what she can get away with. She was a former student of Saint Johann, and thus has a lot of background in grafting and technology that the Saints / Forsaken would consider heretical. The Fanatcism book often mentions that their units have "classified" technology that almost nobody but Lilith knows about. This explains why the Archangels are so powerful, and why Prevailers have their own set of Psychogenics that their models can use.

    3. They have a few units that are unique in terms of point costs. For example, when you buy Grand Templar Marius the package includes models and cards for Nabu and Yael as well. Nabu and Yael can only be fielded with Grand Templar Marius, but they do not have a point cost at all. In other words, you can field Grand Templar Marius for 180 points and automatically get Nabu and Yael for free. In and of itself, the Grand Templar Marius model is probably not worth 180 points. However, if you add in the additional HP, AP, and bonuses from Nabu and Yael he becomes much more viable.

    4. Fielding a Prevailer army is going to take some trial and error. As one would expect with a new faction, I don't think anyone really knows for sure how they are going to function. I can see a lot of different options with their various high point models like Marius, Esh, and the Archangels. As with the Forsaken's Saints, whichever high point models you field for the Prevailers will drastically change how your army will play out.

    I picked up all of the Skarrd Blood Cult models at GenCon since that was the next sub-faction I wanted to play, but I also got a few of the new Prevailer models. I'll be picking up more Prevailers as soon as they become available. Once I've started to put together all the models and field them in a few games, I should have more info for you. That being said though, I'm guessing that other players did buy a majority of the Prevailers at GenCon. Someone else will more than likely get around to it before I do.
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    Ok thanks. Is there any schedule out which shows when the book and so on will be released?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elric View Post
    As with the Forsaken's Saints, whichever high point models you field for the Prevailers will drastically change how your army will play out.
    Very true, though I like to point out for clarity sake that unlike the Saints, there is no limit on playing more than one of the Archangels or the like in any one list. (not saying that you were saying there was, but I've had a couple of local players express surprise when told, so I figured it couldn't hurt to post)

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