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    Monthly Model Discussion: [Sept.] Lilith

    I think the "weekly" discussions burnt some people out, but I for one thought the idea was fantastic. Perhaps a monthly discussion with a format that spurs more discussion and this time let's try and stick with it, slackers!

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    *Infinite Command Ability

    *Volatile Augmentation

    *Chem Gun w/ "Chem Cocktail"

    Conversation Points

    1. How would you best utilize this model?

    2. How would you best counter this model?

    3. Is it worth its point value?

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    1. I think that lilith benefits when you take units of guys that can receive her commands. Big unit of weeknights and such, with lots of targets for berserk.

    2. As to countering her, she is fairly fragile, so a good gliding deployment, infiltrate, or assassinate work well to eliminate her early, so that she can't start stacking counters on you.

    3. Definitely. Solid attacks, and unlimited command? Pahlease

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