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Monthly Model Discussion: [Oct.] Happy Hour!
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    Monthly Model Discussion: [Oct.] Happy Hour!

    In Wisconsin, we go crazy over a little festival called Octoberfest. For those in states who don't celebrate, Octoberfest is an olde timey, fall harvest festival of German heritage where Polka is played and a ridiculous amount of beer is consumed.

    In honor of that, we have for this month:

    Happy Hour


    *One of only two models in the game that have a Blind (3) attack (you could have both in one forcelist)

    *At 85 points, the cheapest 3 HP model in the game (along with Drillhead)

    *Sculpt-wise, one of the more thematic models created (is it me or does he look like Tapper?)

    Conversation Points

    *Pros of the Proximity (2) weapon vs. Cons of Limited (2)

    *Proximity Strike vs. BL(x)

    *If you were to build a forcelist around this model...

    *Is it worth its point value?

    *Your thoughts.

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    3 HP For 85 points? Sold. Hey may not have the defensive burrow option like the Drillhead model that may be comparable, but his ranged attacks are pretty solid. I'm not sure how huge I am on the Flare Gun. The BL(3) and inflicting Blind is decent, but it's only -2 AS and double ranged penalties, and goes away automatically after activation. Couple that with it being restricted so you can't use his much better "One on the House!" attack, and I don't know how often I would use it. I think I'd rather look for the change to do damage with the 4x2 + fire on a BL(2) attack. I can see why the attack was limited to 2 times per game for the sake of balance, because it is pretty awesome. Once I've used my two limited shots I probably would use the flare gun. His melee attack is pretty solid as well, but you only have 1 chance to hit per AP.

    All in all, I like the model and would probably field him in a few games if I ever played Outcast (not likely).
    - Elric

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    The crush definitely helps his melee attack since you only need to hit once to get more hits. I also like that it has no malfunction, playing CORE has me normally fearing any melee attack involving robot parts.

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