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View Poll Results: If you played K3 at any given point size, which selection would you tend to prefer?

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  • I'd probably like fielding Quetzol ONLY the best.

    0 0%
  • I'd probably like fielding Supreme War Captain ONLY the best.

    0 0%
  • I'd probably like fielding War Priest ONLY the best.

    1 12.50%
  • I'd probably like fielding 3 Devoted Priests ONLY the best.

    1 12.50%
  • Quetzol + War Priest would be my preference.

    4 50.00%
  • Supreme War Captain + War Priest would be my preference.

    1 12.50%
  • I tend to prefer a combination of all 3.

    1 12.50%
  • Some other combination (explain below).

    0 0%
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    MONTHLY MODEL DISCUSSION: [Nov.,'14] Quetzol

    With some of the new faction documents changes, it's worth reexamining the faction that won this year's tournament. On the top of the list is taking a look at the Kukukani's mandatory selection - either 1 Supreme War Captain, 1 War Priest, or 3 Devoted Priests must be fielded for any eligible K3 army.

    Quetzol is a powerful character model for the K3 and can be selected in lieu of a Supreme War Captain. As one of the possible, mandatory picks for the Kukulkani, this month our discussion will focus on:



    *As ritual casters, as opposed to Psychogenic users who are capped to 2-3 per game, Kukulkani Technomancy models now have the widest variety of what to cast per round/game at a whopping 10 different rituals to choose from.

    *Quetzol is the only Kukulkani Technomancy "caster" with Bio-Enhance

    *He is also the only K3 Caster that cannot automatically generate his own Bio-Energy.

    *At Def:3, Arm:18, HP:3 he may be the hardest Kukulkani model to kill other than Cabrakan (and may even be tougher than him).

    Conversation Points

    *Mathman says: "In melee, unless attacking a model with Parry or immune to Bleed, always use Quetzol's Tecpatl Blade!"

    *At 140 points and 3 HP each, who would win in a bar fight, Hoj or Quetzol?

    *Is he worth his point value?

    *Which selection of Manditory K3 models would you field when building a force?

    *Your thoughts?
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    The new bio-energy changes really bring this guy into play in my opinion.

    Without even thinking about combo's involving other models, he can double or potentially triple dip on bio-enhancements when he gets a kill. 1) Life Drain 2) Bio Enhanced 3) Ritual Link cast on himself prior to attacking. That's immense.

    If you want to ignore that benefit and play very conservatively, you could simply set him up with +1MV from bio-enhancements and have him run around Gauntlet Beaming people to death with a collossal 23"ish threat range. It's not what I would consider an ideal use of the points spent on him, but that outranges anything the rest of the faction can put out, and it's a Stream template on top of that.

    I'm thinking of play testing a proof of concept 500pt list that looks like:

    1 quetzol
    1 war priest
    1 living ancestor
    3 harvesters
    1 honoured dead

    Harvesters job is to try and do some hobble sniping for a few turns while everyone else chills out. Once I have 3-4 hobbled targets, the War Priest can Harvest the Weak and dump all the bio-energy on Quetzol which he immediately converts to bio-enhancements. Boom. Quetzol just became a murder machine in turn 2-3-4 while placing himself at very little risk to generate the bio-enhancement buffs.

    I think, in isolation, it's very hard to judge whether he's worth the point value. He comes in at the most expensive K3 model per wound (discounting Coatlai and Cabrakan), and is the second most expensive model after Ah'Chu'Kuk per action point, so he's not points efficient at all if you're concerning yourself with only those values. His redeeming factors are his ability to basically do everything available to K3, which gives him a lot of versatility. Prior to the new Bio-Energy rules I'd have had a hard time justifying adding him to a list, but now that you can generate his bio-enhancements much faster, I think he shows real promise.
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