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    Terrain Types

    Recently I've become a convert to gaming mats. They're quick to setup and tidy away and neat for storage. I already have a 3' x 3' one I use for Dead Man's Hand and Malifaux but want a 4' x 4' one for Infinity and Dark Age. While I have a desert type one for the aforementioned games on a smaller table I'm not sure I want the same for the larger mat as it seems like too much of a similar thing (even though in theory it means I only need one type of terrain to put on it).

    What I was wondering is if there are other environs on Samaria other than the bleak desert that is referred to in the stories? If not then I may just have to make some terrain that would work for Dark Age (I do love reading the fluff texts in the books) and get a second, larger, desert mat.

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    ruined technological installations. (factories, bunkers, spaceports)


    mountainous crags

    dragyri tunnels/caverns

    outcast settlements.

    dense urban ruins

    I actually plan on picking up some of the Deadzone terrain to use in Dark Age, representing prefab housing scavenged by outcast and forsaken.

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