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    Air Caste Teaser

    feeling slightly inspired figured I would try my hand at a short story. Just a teaser.

    Arbiter Yovanka strolled among the broken bodies of Brood Hounds, the hard wind tore at her open dress, she dug her toes into the blood stained sand in irritation. Her fans resting her hips bounced gently as she swayed among the slain. While short the battle was none the less a brutal affair, two Whispers wee torn to pieces before their companions rallied and slew the Brood Hounds that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

    Slaves scurried to recover the fallen weapons and dispose of the remains as best they could, the Brood's beasts were left to rot in the sun, the fight concluded they ceased to be of any interest to the those who remained.

    Barely sparing a glance Yovanka let the scene of the recent encounter, accustomed to being obeyed she knew her warriors and the slaves that served them would need no command to move out. It was not the brood who interested the Arbiter, no her quarry was still many days to the east. In most things the Dragyri were driven by honor and Yovanka was no different, however her current interest was less to do with honor... Short thought it was, this fight served only to delay her. With every passing moment her quarry moved further and further away.
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    "All behold as the Cthulhu rises
    Taking its form from the ocean floor
    His tentacles grasp embrace with power
    We're tantalized transfixed by evil"
    -Iced Earth

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