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    A due origins story

    First, let me get one thing straight: I simply love the Dark Age background. It's gritty, violent and has an underlaying dark logic. But there was always one thing I couldn't make sense of. It kept me awake at night for weeks. And this is why I wrote this screenplay. (In case you don't know: things in parenthesis are stage directions.)

    Scene: A seedy part of Port city. Three young girls cower in a grime stained corner around a small fire.

    Girl 1: That was the last of our food.

    Girl 2: Well, begging sure isn't as glamorous as I expected it to be. We've got to do something else.

    Girl 3: Like?

    Girl 2: Stealing! We'll have to start a life of vicious crime!

    Girl1&3: Cooool!

    Girl 2: Everything that has happened before is history now. We'll start fresh! I think it's only fitting if we give ourselves new names.

    Girl 1: I go first! I want to be called something cool and dangerous. Oh, I got! From now on, I shall be known as- X-cess!

    Girl 2: Nice one! I'll take a different approach, though. I mean, I want to be known for my deeds, not my name. No offense, X-Cess.

    X-Cess: None taken.

    Girl 2: With that said, I'll go with- Kristan!

    Girl 3: Nice.

    X-Cess. A bit pedestrian, if you ask me. But you can pull it off!

    Kristan(to Girl 3): So, the two of us are covered. What's your name gonna be?

    Girl 3(talking to herself in her mind): Damn, I'm completely blanking. Crapcrapcrap. Say something. Dave! Thomas! No, those are dude's names! I need a name for a girl. Bologna sandwich! No, that's not a name at all. That's something you eat! Oh god, they are all looking at me! Say something! Anything!

    Girl 3(out loud): Hephzibah.

    X-Cess: Uhm...what?

    Kristan: Gesundheit?

    Hephzibah(talking to herself in her mind): Oh, dammit. Where did that come from? But I can't change it now. It would look stupid. I'll just have to roll with it.

    Hephzibah(out loud): Hephzibah: That is my name now. I think it's pretty. It just rolls right of your tongue, doesn't it?

    Kristan(aside to X-Cess): Help me out here. Why do we let her hang out with us? I mean, she was your friend first, wasn't she?

    X-Cess: Oh, come on! I hardly know her!


    And that, kids, is how the name Hephzibah came to be. Good night.

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    That makes Sense. At least to me!

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    Lol, thanks for that

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    Haha, got a chuckle out of that.
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