It's December which means it's time to make your Christmas lists (or Hanukkah, or "holiday" or whatever...)

When it comes to Dark Age, want to know what's at the top of my list?



* I believe it's the only model in the game you are going to see that has both Duel attacks (with a multiplier) as well as SP/ST.

* The "Fire" weapon ability means he's one of very few Core models that can do some limited AP drain.

* AT 70 points, Zetamax sneaks in at one of the cheapest 2 HP models the Core has access to.

* Zetamax is "Large" which means that Recovery Unit can reactivate him multiple times... explain to me why reactivating a "Goes out with a Bang" model several times wouldn't be a "blast?"

Talking Points

*Which model do you wish they'd release... by Christmas time or otherwise?

*Since a number of models don't have both, if you had to pick either or which way would you lean, Spray with it's shorter but wider and usually more powerful attack or Stream with its longer reach?

*Is he worth his point value?

*Your thoughts?