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    interested in a tourniment at Ama-Con

    Hello everyone I'm new to the posts. I wanted to inquire if any of you would be interested in participating in a tournament at Ana-con the annual gaming, sci fi, fantasy Con held in Amarillo Tx. The convention will be August 1st & 2nd. Thanks for your time.

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    This is close enough to garner my interest in going.

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    Ok some particulars the Con is only $5. We are trying to see what kind of interest we can gather to see if Dark Age would be interested in participating. The force size of the tournament is open for discussion. The Amarillo convention centre floor space is enormous so the sky is the limit for contestants and people that want to free play. I am attempting to contact Dark Age for promo materials in case they can't send someone as it is Gencon weekend. The convention will have a secured room where you can check your stuff for a small fee so you can enjoy the convention when not playing. There is a concert Sat night (Video Games Live) not sure on the fee. I'll have a better idea on prize support after I can get a better idea on attendance and I'm sure there will be an advance registration set up at some point.

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