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    The Brood and Dragyri

    Is there already any canon or accepted as canon lore on the first meeting or the relations between these two races? If not I would like to write some. From the perspectives of each echelon for each side (slave and Trueborn, monsters and Commanders). I would actually like to write interactions for a lot of the factions that we don't already have interactions for. I imagine the standoffs between CORE, K3, Brood and the Dragyri (the non human factions) are pretty intense.

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    It's something that might be mentioned in passing in Conflagration but it's certainly very hard to find. Right now, Dragyri are in open conflict with the Forsaken (specifically Mark and Luke) and the Core. The Brood have a love/hate relationship with the Forsaken (seen as the "Creators") but for the most part they just exist and mill about trying to survive... without much of a plan or strategy. It's John's campaign that really pissed them off a bit as he's trying to hit every single one of them on the head with a Maul - forcing them to adapt to survive (but they're losing currently). As they are to the Far south, it would be difficult for them to meet up with any of the factions such as the Fire Caste (predominantly in the North East) or Ice Caste (West along the plateaus).

    When it comes to the Forsaken, there is a little blending of the lines as the story can treat said conflict/alliances as "all humans" at times, as the Forsaken and Outcast had similar goals along the way and the Skarrd were not always the Skarrd and even (part of them) were considered Forsaken.

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