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Monthly model discussion: [apr,'15] shadow walker
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    Monthly model discussion: [apr,'15] shadow walker

    I know, right?



    It is worth noting that I received special permission to do my next model discussion about this model (and *cough* possible subfaction *cough*) but for all intents and purposes I intend on reporting this very similarly to how I did the Dedlock article.

    First, we'll review the old Shadow Walker; then we will explore speculation about what might be coming up -wink- -wink-.

    Shadow Walker
    Listed Faction: Dragyri (Ice Caste)

    The Shadow Walker model actually can be found as far back as 2005 in the Genesis book and the model can still be found for sale. I mention the fact that it was, technically, Ice Caste but realistically this was the only caste the Dragyri had back then. Here are it's stats:
    AP: 3 DF: 6 AR: 16 MV:6 PS: 13 HP: 2 PV: 72
    Attack Group #1: [1] AS:8 RF:- PW:6 RN:CA Wrist Blade
    Attack Group #2: [1] AS:7 RF:- PW:4 RN:30 Crystal-Throwing Shield

    Special Abilities:

    Shadowstep:A Unique ability of the Shadow Walker this allows the Unit through great concentration and use of Focus to step between the veil of Life and Spirit. Any Unit with Shadowstep counts as if they have the Infiltrate ability and obeys all rules for Infiltrators. As they do not use regular methods of travel any Unit with Shadowstep is immune to the effects of the Tracking ability and may be set up as an Infiltrator as per normal.

    Comments on the old Shadow Walker:

    *Keep in mind that, under the old rules, everything was measured in cm.

    *The first obvious thing to mention is that this model will definitely NOT be an Ice Caste addition. Because of this it will no doubt receive a new sculpt, something less Ice-ee. What faction will it belong to then, you ask? I can't say... absolutely no! I will however mention that there are a number of castes we have not seen, like the Earth Caste and... others. One said caste, a rather shadowy one, was even instrumental in forcing my favorite faction, the Core, into the entropicidal rage it curently is in.

    *A lot about this model's stats are showing their age. First off, if it isn't Ice Caste it is likely to lose its Ice Caste crappy defense of 6 for something more favorable. Shadowstep is just a nifty way to say infiltrate and nowadays we have cool stuff like Assassination. It is quick and the fiction would certainly favor newer special abilities that emphasize mobility and shiftiness.

    *The melee/range hybrid is unlikely to stick. This is a duel wielder melee if ever I saw one.

    The (possible) New Shadow Walker

    Don't ask me how official this concept art is or where I got them...

    Hey, this one doesn't even look like the other...


    Which faction...

    Really? It's the one that "doesn't exist."

    "Possible" Stats
    AP: 3 DF: 3 AR: 14 MV:4 PS: 14 HP: 2 PV: 60
    Attack Group #1: [2] AS:6 RF:- PW:3x2 RN:0 "Blink" Wrist Blade

    Special Abilities:
    Shadow Spawned
    Hit and Run

    Your Thoughts?
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    Love the model. If a new one will be produced, and if a whole new sub-faction will be created (Shadow Caste?) I hope the old one will find a place, too.
    Also, the unknow concept art is amazing!

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    You must construct additional Pylons.

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    I mean for 60 points, I was really hoping it would have My Blood for Your Blood. I dunno, compared to an awesome piece like Finn Deadeye who's very close in points to this model, I just can't justify it.

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