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Ice Caste vs Saint Mark
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    Ice Caste vs Saint Mark

    Played another game, and this time I have pics!
    Unfortunately most of the models are not painted, so they aren't pretty pics, sorry.

    Ice Caste:
    Slave Taskmaster
    2x Guard Slaves
    Arbiter (Luk)
    Deat's Device
    Soul Warden
    Soul Splitter (proxy)

    Saint Mark
    Field Medic (proxy)
    4x Coils
    Coil Leader
    Coil Diskmaster

    We played the Slaughtering Fields scenario, with secondary objectives.

    Game has been quick and very unforgiving, with opponent playing the waiting game and shooting me at distance. Sure those Coils are brutal when squadlinking (crack shot + coordinated strike + eventual bonus from inspire if command-ed). Lost 7-2 on turn 4 ^^;

    First casuality, a Guard Slave no one will shed a tear for, poor fella.

    Luk critically fails a save and gets TWO wounds. This is just the beginning.

    Luk uses 3AP to charge the Coils, ready to wreak havoc.
    I use the free attack on the Diskmaster, need a 18 and roll a 19.
    Last AP for a Crescent Arc: First Coil rolls a 1 among its 3 dice and saves, Diskmaster gets one hit (but doesn't die), second Coil rolls a 1, too, while the dying Coil (the Leader) dies.

    Next activation, which in my plans should had seen far fewer Coils acting, Luk will take one wound first, then will ungloriously die from a Coil's attack (6x2) failing the AR save rolling TWO 20s!

    And this almost ended the game for me ^^;

    Maybe we should had used some more terrain.

    Soul Splitter has been a nice surprise. Range 20 is huge, and being able to conceal himself in a cloud that doesn't disturb friendly models is a nice plus. I usually avoid going against a faction "nature" but now I'm thinking on getting a couple of them. Too bad most of Dragyri options have just one sculpt.

    I'm starting feeling a bit of stiffness in this faction. Maybe for the next game I'll assemble the Air Caste minis I've purchased and give them a go.

    Anyway, great game and lots of fun, even if I've lost quite badly
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    Dice were definitely not your friend.

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    Yeah, I was kinda of whining, isn't it? ^^;

    Anyway, tbh, friend played well, so victory wasn't undeserved.

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    woa so amazing ! i will share it for my friends :P

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    what's the material of these things?

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