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    Portland, Oregon - metro or regional players?

    Looking to get into Dark-Age - but having a hard time finding other players locally. I have picked up some CORE and Outcasts - both to about 500pts. I am in outer south side of the Portland, Oregon metro area. Willing to host or to travel for a game (1hr or so).


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    Hey Torg, I live up in the south end of Seattle but do head down your way from time to time. Is there a local shop that you play at?


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    sorry for missing this reply to my post. I get up to seattle from time to time as well. My step-son lives in the down-town area (queen-ann off Olive). Locally (portland) I game at WoW (Ordo Fanaticus Game clubhouse) typically. But I have gone over the Dice Age Games in Vancouver, or Guardian Games in Portland.


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